Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 8 Manga

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Goblin Slayer’s promotion exam begins in earnest! He and his examiner set out on the trail of a handful of goblins for what seems like an ordinary quest, but the evident scope of the problem grows larger the farther they travel. If only the watchful eye and piercing questions of the examiner were all that Goblin Slayer had to worry about—this horde is being led by a kind of goblin more dangerous than any he has seen before...Meanwhile, after Heavy Warrior collapses due to overwork, Young Warrior’s party is sent to investigate the source of the recent earthquakes in his place, but the answer they find is something they never could have imagined...!!

ISBN10 : 9781975350055 , ISBN13 : 1975350057

Page Number : 216

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 9 Manga

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Goblin Slayer and his examiner infiltrate the goblin lord's lair and attempt to save a girl being held hostage there—but Goblin Slayer takes a nasty hit to the head in the process...!! Will the two of them be able to make it out, or will his promotion exam end in something far worse than failure?! Meanwhile, having stumbled into a legendary sunken city, Young Warrior’s party comes across a grotesque ritual intended to resurrect the demon lord...!!

ISBN10 : 9781975371647 , ISBN13 : 197537164X

Page Number : 246

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 1 Light Novel

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Fiction

After his sister is brutally murdered during a goblin raid, a young boy swears vengeance upon the creatures who killed her and the rest of his village. Five years later and now a novice adventurer, he is by chance reunited with his childhood friend, another survivor of the massacre. Despite his inexperience, crude battle gear, and low rank, the boy sets off alone on a mission to defeat a lair of goblins--thus begins the origin story of how he came to be known as Goblin Slayer!

ISBN10 : 9781975302856 , ISBN13 : 1975302850

Page Number : 208