Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 4 Manga

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

After protecting a village from a horde of goblins, a certain young man is called Goblin Slayer for the first time. One day, while slaughtering yet another group of goblins, he finds a ring that glows with a mysterious light. He has the ring appraised by an eccentric magician known as Arc Mage, who, in exchange, requests his assistance in compiling a monster manual for the Guild. What section will he help research? The one about goblins, of course! With a single ring-and a single light-a brand-new story begins.

ISBN10 : 9781975308872 , ISBN13 : 1975308875

Page Number : 230

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 1 Light Novel

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Fiction

After his sister is brutally murdered during a goblin raid, a young boy swears vengeance upon the creatures who killed her and the rest of his village. Five years later and now a novice adventurer, he is by chance reunited with his childhood friend, another survivor of the massacre. Despite his inexperience, crude battle gear, and low rank, the boy sets off alone on a mission to defeat a lair of goblins--thus begins the origin story of how he came to be known as Goblin Slayer!

ISBN10 : 9781975302856 , ISBN13 : 1975302850

Page Number : 208

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Chapter 4

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Assailing the nest, Goblin Slayer has his first run-in with a goblin shaman...but that may not be the worst thing he encounters on this expedition... Read the latest chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One the same day it's released in Japan!

ISBN10 : 9781975326685 , ISBN13 : 1975326687

Page Number : 30

Goblin Slayer Side Story Ii Dai Katana Vol 4 Manga

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press

For the first time, the party descends to the second floor of the Dungeon of the Dead to put an end to the newbie-hunters--the real scruffy men. But to even have the chance to fight these heinous creatures of pure evil lurking in the dungeon depths, they must first find a way to conquer monsters that cannot be dealt with via conventional means...

ISBN10 : 1975350022 , ISBN13 : 9781975350024

Page Number : 0

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 5 Manga

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Goblin Slayer and Arc Mage continue their goblin research with a dissection, which provides both useful information and tantalizing theories. Meanwhile, Rookie Warrior heads into an abandoned mine with a gaggle of inexperienced but fearless adventurers-can he protect this newly formed party from ending up like his last one when they come under attack from an unexpected and deadly threat?! And the women in Goblin Slayer's life show some concern about all the time he's spending with Arc Mage...

ISBN10 : 9781975315245 , ISBN13 : 1975315243

Page Number : 194

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Vol 9 Manga

Kumo Kagyu Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Goblin Slayer and his examiner infiltrate the goblin lord's lair and attempt to save a girl being held hostage there—but Goblin Slayer takes a nasty hit to the head in the process...!! Will the two of them be able to make it out, or will his promotion exam end in something far worse than failure?! Meanwhile, having stumbled into a legendary sunken city, Young Warrior’s party comes across a grotesque ritual intended to resurrect the demon lord...!!

ISBN10 : 9781975371647 , ISBN13 : 197537164X

Page Number : 246