Girlfriend Girlfriend 2

Hiroyuki Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

It took a lot of convincing (begging on his knees) for straight-laced and honest high school boy Naoya to convince Saki to let him date her and Nagisa at the same time. He swore to make the two of them happy and even convinced them to live together with him, all under one roof! As the three of them get to know each other, their bonds gradually deepen but just as their triangle relationship finally takes a smooth turn, Saki loses her confidence as Naoya's "girlfriend" and runs away from home!! Where is this three-way relationship heading?! See it all unravel in this second volume of the unique love comedy!

ISBN10 : 9781636990873 , ISBN13 : 1636990878

Page Number : 157

Are You Okay With A Slightly Older Girlfriend Volume 2

Kota Nozomi J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

High school student Momota Kaoru is in a relationship with his slightly older girlfriend, Orihara-san. Today they’re going to have a hot date playing video games at her house, and tomorrow they're going on a drive to a faraway town! They’re not going to let their twelve-year age difference get in their way, and are only going to grow closer—or so they thought... Just what did Momota say to insult Orihara-san’s dignity, and why was it so bad he had to make up for it with a mind-blowing massage? Who is this new girl who confessed her feelings to Momota? How will a shocking encounter with Orihara-san’s older sister Kisaki-san shake up their secret relationship? Hijinks ensue in the second volume of the super sweet romcom about a miraculously cute woman pushing thirty and a devoted high school boy who are madly in love with each other.

ISBN10 : 9781718319080 , ISBN13 : 1718319088

Page Number : 179

Guide To The Perfect Otaku Girlfriend Roomies And Romance Volume 2

Rin Murakami J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Kokoro and I made a deal—we’ll help each other find the perfect otaku date. So, we're looking for part-time jobs to meet (and possibly hook up with) new people, but... What the hell is she wearing?! Is she really going to let people take pictures of that skimpy cosplay?! You're not going to find a boyfriend like that, trust me... I heard that there's a new maid café opening soon, so maybe we could try there? That’s not even the best part—Mashiro's going to be there! I already can’t wait to be surrounded by cute girls in maid outfits...

ISBN10 : 9781718381506 , ISBN13 : 1718381506

Page Number : 164

My Girlfriend S A Geek Vol 2 Light Novel

Pentabu, Yen Press LLC Juvenile Fiction

It was two years ago that I met Y-ko. She was my boss at the job I was working at the time. I was a student, and I had no idea what I was doing. After a time, we ended up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. It turned out she was a "fujoshi." Not only that, but a "hidden fujoshi," one who didn't show any inkling of the sort around other people... But as a general rule, she never hides it around me. In fact... It seems more like she's intent on dragging me down that path with her. ...And I'll be honest. It's slowly but surely seeping into me.

ISBN10 : 9780316221818 , ISBN13 : 0316221813

Page Number : 208

My Girl Got A Girlfriend Vol 2

James Gordon Tanner Fiction

My Girl Got A Girlfriend is a one of a kind novel of lesbian erotica.

ISBN10 : 0979709423 , ISBN13 : 9780979709425

Page Number : 176

Rental Girlfriend 2

Reiji Miyajima Carlsen Manga Comics & Graphic Novels

Rental Girlfriend – den verführerisch lustigen Romcom-Hit mit Harem-Elementen – gibt es jetzt auch als Anime! Wenn du etwas willst, lass alles stehen und liegen und nimm es dir! Kazuya hat seine Mietfreundin Chizuru Mizuhara allen als richtige Freundin vorgestellt. Als Kumpels die beiden zu einer Party mitschleppen, stößt die »Neue« prompt auf Kazuyas Ex. Die macht ihm ein verlockendes Angebot... Für Fans von Cross Account, Weekly Shonen Hitman, Takane & Hana und The Quintessential Quintuplets!

ISBN10 : 9783646723144 , ISBN13 : 3646723149

Page Number : 204