Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Manga Volume 2

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Fiction

After being summoned to another world with his classmates, Makoto Takatsuki starts a new game and a life of adventure. But as an apprentice mage with weak skills, he's playing on hard mode! At the start of his journey, he becomes the sole believer of Noah, a cute goddess who's actually a wicked deity. She’s trapped in an ultra-difficult dungeon, and Makoto has vowed to clear it and rescue her. But first, he has to become stronger. In between bouts of intense training, he befriends the elven fire mage, Lucy. Her magic is overpowered, but she’s unfortunately a bit butterfingered when aiming. Together, they tackle all sorts of quests―including one that brings them face-to-face with a fearsome griffin! During this harrowing fight, Noah commands Makoto to escape and leave his new party member behind, but... "Goddess, I won't abandon my partner." Will the eccentric fighting style of our cheatless hero allow him to grasp victory from the beak of defeat?

ISBN10 : 9781718327719 , ISBN13 : 1718327714

Page Number : 167

Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Manga Volume 1

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Fiction

Makoto Takatsuki is a normal high school student and a hardcore RPG player. However, “normal” goes out the window when his whole class is involved in a bus crash and whisked away to another world! Powerful gods rule this strange new land of magic and monsters, and every newcomer is blessed with strong stats and unique skills. Well, not quite. Makoto’s stats turn out to be pathetic, and his skills are super weak compared to his classmates’...he’s even stuck as an apprentice mage. Worse still, he’s given only ten years to live! Luckily, Makoto soon meets a minor goddess named Noah, who appears in Makoto’s dreams and asks him to become her first believer. With the help of Noah's blessings and a divine weapon, Makoto seeks to become strong enough to rescue his goddess from the dungeon where she’s been trapped. By training hard and using his weak skills in unorthodox ways, Makoto proves that, even when playing on hardcore difficulty, an RPG player always makes it to the end!

ISBN10 : 9781718327702 , ISBN13 : 1718327706

Page Number : 250

Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Manga Volume 5

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Fiction

With the harpy queen defeated, Makoto Takatsuki and his long-lost friend Aya Sasaki attempt to leave Labyrinthos. However, they stumble across another classmate in desperate need of aid—Ryousuke Sakurai, the Hero of Light, who’s facing off against a pair of blight dragons! By channeling the powerful mana of the water elementals, Makoto is able to flush out the dragons, clearing the way for the Hero of Light to shine. Afterward, Makoto just wants to celebrate his victories, but his skills with elemental magic have attracted the attention of the most powerful mage on the continent, the White Grandsage. What’s worse, she knows that he’s the apostle of a wicked deity! Will this reveal change the dynamic of Makoto’s friendships? And what will he make of the shocking truth he learns about Noah?

ISBN10 : 9781718327740 , ISBN13 : 1718327749

Page Number : 168

Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Manga Volume 3

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Fiction

Reincarnated otherworlder Makoto Takatsuki is an apprentice mage with lackluster skills and stats, but when he is recruited by the goddess Noah, he becomes her sole believer. There’s just one caveat—Noah is actually a wicked deity! Along with his fellow mage Lucy, Makoto has been making a name for himself as an adventurer, taking down everything from ogres to griffins. After nearly a year in this new world, Noah finally offers Makoto a helpful revelation: a “fateful encounter” awaits him in the Great Maze Labyrinthos. He enlists the support of his best friend Fujiyan to tackle this vast dungeon, but before long, Makoto and Lucy are attacked by a dragon! When the floor of the dungeon collapses, the pair find themselves stranded deep underground and surrounded by high-level monsters that are eager for their next meal. Is this what a game over screen looks like? And when all seems lost, can a “fateful encounter” save Makoto from a bad end?

ISBN10 : 9781718327726 , ISBN13 : 1718327722

Page Number : 168

Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Manga Volume 4

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Fiction

While venturing through Labyrinthos, Makoto Takatsuki and his party are attacked by a dragon and sent tumbling into the dungeon’s inner depths. But just when all hope of escape seems lost, Makoto miraculously reunites with his former classmate Aya Sasaki—who’s reincarnated as a lamia! Aya recounts her harrowing rebirth and the tragedy that befell her lamia family at the hands of the harpies. She’s sworn vengeance upon the whole harpy flock, including their loathsome calamity class queen. And as an RPG and boss battle aficionado, Makoto is all too happy to lend an old friend a hand Now he’ll have to rally his party and prepare an infallible counterstrike, but the harpy queen may have an unforeseen and devastating ability in her arsenal... Hardcore mode is about to get even harder! Can Makoto optimize his party’s skills to beat this deadly boss?

ISBN10 : 9781718327733 , ISBN13 : 1718327730

Page Number : 168

Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Volume 7

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Fresh off their victory over the demon lord Bifrons, Makoto’s party joins Princess Sophia on a political trip to broker an alliance with Great Keith. However, diplomacy quickly goes out the window when the party is attacked by Great Keith’s Hero of Incandescence, who is known to be the strongest hero of them all. On top of that, Makoto soon hears rumors that one of his former classmates has been captured and sold into slavery. As the Roses delegation tries to get to the heart of the matter, they find themselves facing another one of the Snake Sect’s nefarious plots. And though Makoto has thwarted them before, this time, he’s at a distinct disadvantage—Great Keith, with its desert climate, has hardly any water elementals! Can Roses secure a mighty new ally? Or will both nations fall into the hands of demons?

ISBN10 : 9781718385108 , ISBN13 : 1718385102

Page Number : 220