From The Red Fog Vol 3

Mosae Nohara Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Ivan, Ruwanda’s partner, has a tragic past. Betrayed by his father, he seeks the love he lost in a ruthless band of assassins. Meanwhile, Ruwanda, just can't get along with Mei, a being overflowing with an abundance of love. Plotting Mei’s murder, but wavering because of love, will Ruwanda and Ivan be overcome by the red fog...or will love triumph in the end?

ISBN10 : 9781975348090 , ISBN13 : 1975348095

Page Number : 166

Big Book Of Best Short Stories Volume 3

Robert Louis Stevenson Tacet Books Fiction

This book contains 70 short stories from 10 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the critic August Nemo, in a collection that will please the literature lovers. For more exciting titles, be sure to check out our 7 Best Short Stories and Essential Novelists collections. This book contains: - Robert Louis Stevenson:The Waif Woman The Bottle Imp Thrawn Janet Markheim The Body Snatcher Olalla Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Robert E. Howard:Worms of the Earth The Queen of Black Coast Pigeons from Hell The Children of the Night Red Nails The Twilight of the Grey Gods The Shadow of the Vulture - G. K. Chesterton:The Blue Cross The Invisible Man The Man Who Was Thursday – A Nightmare The Strange Crime of John Boulnois The Three Tools of Death The Wrong Shape The Mistake of the Machine - Edgar Wallace:The Cat Burglar Circumstantial Evidence The Ghost of Downhill The Poetical Policeman Red Aces The Four Just Men The Shadow Man - Arthur Machen:The Great God Pan The White People The Black Seal The Novel of the White Powder The Red Hand The Inmost Light The Bowmen - Ambrose Bierce:An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge One Summer Night The Death Of Halpin Frayser The Moonlit Road A Psychological Shipwreck The Stranger The Middle Toe of the Right Foot - Talbot Mundy:The Soul Of A Regiment The Pillar Of Light The Lady and the Lord Kitty Bruns Her Fingers The Mystic India Speaks The Real Red Root The Hermit and the Tiger - Abraham Merritt:The Pool Of The Stone God The Last Poet And The Robots The Fox Woman The People Of The Pit The Drone Through The Dragon Glass Three Lines Of Old French - Zane Grey:Amber's Mirage The Ranger Don: The Story Of A Lion Dog The Wolf Tracker Lure of the River A Missouri Schoolmarm Monty Price's Nightingale - Edgar Rice Burroughs:Tarzan's First Love A Jungle Joke Tarzan Rescues the Moon John Carter and the Giant Of Mars The Ancient Dead Beyond Thirty Skeleton Men of Jupiter

ISBN10 : 9788577770342 , ISBN13 : 8577770346

Page Number : 2496

Heroes In The Troubled Times

Xiefeng Guimei Funstory Fiction

There was a bright moon three feet above his head, and an azure dragon embroidered on his sleeves. Riding a horse with a sword, indulging in unbridled pleasures, roaming the Jianghu with his lover.

ISBN10 : 9781646774630 , ISBN13 : 1646774639

Page Number : 3411

Legendary Divine Sword

Zi Ye Funstory Fiction

The heartless black sword, Meng Xiaodie, was exploring the ancient castle. She was trapped in a desperate situation. Regardless of how suspicious the situation was, the suspense was all over the place, killing all the bandits in this chaotic world. The divine sword shook the heavens and the earth. It was like a fire beacon that could shock the soul. It could battle against the heavens, destroy cities, and shatter the dreams of heroes. 

ISBN10 : 9781649352910 , ISBN13 : 1649352913

Page Number : 574

Ghost Husband Dotes On Me

Jin ZhanMo Funstory Fiction

Who would have known that the real purpose of the Bai Family was to help their eldest son form the Yin marriage. Just like this, I somehow managed to have two husbands, one of them foolishly sticking to me day and night, and the other one being arrogant and stubborn, who wouldn't let me sleep peacefully ...

ISBN10 : 9781648575730 , ISBN13 : 1648575730

Page Number : 1181

Cultivate In The City

Feng Sheng Funstory Fiction

In this golden age, the monks had gradually disappeared from the eyes of the world, leaving behind only a few legends.In order to trace the traces of the Dao, he walked on this marvelous road by himself. Along with his tracks, all kinds of monks and all kinds of mystical abilities gradually appeared before his eyes ...

ISBN10 : 9781647593599 , ISBN13 : 164759359X

Page Number : 893