From Far Away Vol 11

Kyoko Hikawa VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Hiding from their dark fate in yet another backwater town, Noriko and Izark cross paths with a formidable new foe: Hydran, a corrupt politician with ties to some of their worst enemies. When they discover that Hydran is set to assassinate a potentially powerful new ally, our band of outcasts plans a dangerous mission to spring their fellow fugitive. All the while, Noriko and Izark must deal with their growing attraction to each other—and the realization that the closer they become, the closer they are to destroying both themselves and everyone they know! -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781421565439 , ISBN13 : 1421565439

Page Number : 186

From Far Away

Kyoko Hikawa Fantasy comic books, strips, etc

Noriko and Izark hole up in another small town, where they discover a local politician who has ties to their worst enemies. This man, Hydran, is set to assassinate a potentially powerful ally, so the band of outcasts plans a mission so save their fellow fugitive.

ISBN10 : 1415672792 , ISBN13 : 9781415672792

Page Number : 179

The Apothecary Diaries Volume 11 Light Novel

Natsu Hyuuga J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

I-sei Province is still reeling in the aftermath of the insect plague. Jinshi resolves to do everything in his power to help the people of this land—but how far does his power really go in the western capital? And will he regret his efforts when all the credit seems to go to Gyoku-ou? The local lord seems to have an agenda of his own, but Jinshi still doesn’t know what it might be. Meanwhile Maomao must deal with problems of her own, from finding relief for a sick child to unraveling the mystery around the freak strategist’s favorite Shogi opponent. Somehow, each answer only seems to lead her to a bigger question...

ISBN10 : 9781718361386 , ISBN13 : 1718361386

Page Number : 298

Path Of The Assassin Volume 11 Hikuma Castle

Kazuo Koike Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Ninjas, samurai, hot lovin', political intrigue, and gold! Path of the Assassin has it all in spades! Hanzo, the heroic ninja for the future shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, has been in some tight situations before, but nothing like the trap set for him by a ninja from a competing warlord's clan! And to settle this trickery, a sexy battle of wits and weapons. Meanwhile, Tokugawa is moving across the battlefield on his way to Japan's future. Path of the Assassin is a pinnacle in (Lone Wolf and Cub creators) Koike and Kojima's fantastic and seemingly unending stable of awesome samurai manga. And as usual, these works don't wane as they draw toward their final volumes!

ISBN10 : 9781630083823 , ISBN13 : 1630083828

Page Number : 325