Falling Drowning 2

Yuko Inari Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Honatsu finds herself wavering between her childhood best friend, Toma, who’s always looking out for her, and the transfer student, Shun, who she can’t help but be curious about. As she’s trying to navigate this, the school’s annual over-night stay orientation event kicks off. That’s when chance leads to Honatsu, Toma, and Shun in the same group. The three of them collide against one another as their bonds grow deeper, but then Toma asks to see Honatsu one-on-one...

ISBN10 : 9781684911226 , ISBN13 : 1684911222

Page Number : 172

Falling For The Billionaire Volume 2 A Spicy Billionaire Romance Collection

Gwyn McNamee Gwyn McNamee Fiction

Whether they're self-made or born with a silver spoon in their mouths, billionaires can be ruthless in the boardroom and the bedroom. Sinfully sexy and demanding, they stop at nothing to get what they want--including the women who own their hearts. Grab this collection of 10 steamy books about irresistible billionaires will have you begging for more and Falling for the Billionaire! This collection includes: - Billionaire Lumberjack by Gwyn McNamee - To Tempt by Nicole Banks - Nothing to Hide by Scarlett Finn - Mine by Alex Grayson - Love & Lies by Michelle Iannarelli - Lies in Ink & Whiskey by Leaona Luxx - Assisting the Bosshole by Kristin MacQueen - More than Sexy by Carly Phillips Power Play by Sade Rena Possessing Liberty by Nichole Rose

ISBN10 : , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 2170

Why Shouldn T A Detestable Demon Lord Fall In Love Volume 2

Nekomata Nuko J-Novel Club Fiction

After Anima comes to the rescue of the commander of the Raiten Knights’ First Corps, she asks for his help slaying a powerful beast terrorizing the nation. But, always one to put his family first, Anima decides to turn this quest into a belated honeymoon! The kids are thrilled to go on their first trip, and Anima can’t wait for the opportunity to get closer with his new family... But what will the detestable Demon Lord do when discovers the beast’s true form?

ISBN10 : 9781718303584 , ISBN13 : 1718303580

Page Number : 156

Dramatic Shorts Volume 2

James Quince Andrews UK Limited Drama

Dramatic Shorts is a collection of new theatrical writing allowing new playwrights to showcase their creative talents. It includes various monologues, duologues and short plays from around the world.

ISBN10 : 9781783336654 , ISBN13 : 178333665X

Page Number : 430

How To Judge A Horoscope Volume 2

B. V. Raman Motilal Banarsidass Body, Mind & Spirit

How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every man's daily life. The work in two volumes is divided into twelve houses, containing six each in consecutive order. The twelve houses have reference to the material relation of the soul (Jeeva) in its journey from the cradle to the grave. The study of illustrations (charts) makes every point even the omitted rudimentary principles and rules very clear and graspable. Vol II deals with houses VII to XII. The Seventh House represents wife, husband, marriage, sexual diseases, business partner, diplomacy, talent and general happiness. The Eight House indicates longevity, legacies, disgrace, degradation and details pertaining to death. The Ninth rules father, righteousness, religion, fame leadership, Journeys and communications with spirits. The Tenth indicates occupations, profession, honours, foreign travels and means of livelihood. The Eleventh represents means of gains, elder brother and freedom from misery. The Twelfth rules losses, expenditure, sympathy, divine knowledge, moksha and the state after death.

ISBN10 : 9788120808454 , ISBN13 : 8120808452

Page Number : 485

The J R R Tolkien Companion And Guide Volume 3 Reader S Guide Part 2

Wayne G. Hammond HarperCollins Literary Criticism

Volume 2 of the most comprehensive in-depth companion to Tolkien’s life and works ever published. This volume includes a superlative day-by-day chronology of Tolkien’s life, presenting the most detailed biographical record available.

ISBN10 : 9780008273491 , ISBN13 : 0008273499

Page Number : 896

British Economic Development In South East Asia 1880 1939 Volume 2

David Sunderland Routledge Business & Economics

This collection focuses on the economic development of the areas of SE Asia with which Britain had a trading relationship. Covering 1880?1939, the economic growth of the region is revealed through a selection of rare primary resources organized thematically with sections dedicated to agriculture, mining, trade, labour, finance and infrastructure.

ISBN10 : 9781351573092 , ISBN13 : 1351573098

Page Number : 442