Fairy Tail 40

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DRAGONS VS. WIZARDS! Seven years ago, one dragon defeated all of Fairy Tail. Now they're up against seven! How can Natsu and Fairy Tail defeat the most destructive force in history?! The secrets of the dragon slayers are revealed in the stunning climax of the Festival of the Dragon King!

ISBN10 : 9781612624174 , ISBN13 : 1612624170

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Fairy Tail

Hiro Mashima Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

THE DOOMSDAY WEAPON! Master Makarov's grandson, the too-powerful wizard Laxus, has seen the new Fairy Tail guild hall and doesn't like what he sees!? So he gathers some of the strongest wizards in the guild, and starts a Fairy Tail civil war! Includes special extras after the story!

ISBN10 : 9781612624365 , ISBN13 : 1612624367

Page Number : 210

Fairy Tail T40

Hiro Mashima Pika Comics & Graphic Novels

Le combat opposant les dragons aux magiciens fait rage ! Le sacrifice d’Ultia ayant permis à ces derniers de faire face et de contre-attaquer ! C’est à cette occasion que Lucy découvre que la destruction de la porte pourrait arranger les choses... Mais deux questions se posent alors, comment détruire une porte construite en un matériau magique des plus résistants et surtout que se passera-t-il concrètement une fois la porte détruite ?

ISBN10 : 9782811617486 , ISBN13 : 2811617485

Page Number : 206

真島ヒロ 講談社 Comics & Graphic Novels

人と人が戦い、竜と竜が戦い、人と竜が戦う……いにしえの厄災・竜王祭。400年の時を超え飛来したドラゴンと魔導士たちとの死闘は、まさにその再現となった。しかし、人類は諦めなかった! 今日を生きる人類の為……滅竜魔導士(ドラゴンスレイヤー)が、ナツが命を燃やす! 大魔闘演武編、ついに完結!! そして、フェアリーテイルにいつもの日常が……と思いきや、とんでもない仕事が!

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Page Number : 201

Fairy Tail Vol 40

Hiro Mashima Editora JBC Comics & Graphic Novels

Pessoas lutando contra pessoas, dragões lutando contra dragões, pessoas lutando contra dragões... Essa é verdadeira face da Celebração do Dragão-Rei, a catástrofe dos tempos longínquos... E tal calamidade assola a realidade atual com a chegada de sete dragões de 400 anos atrás. Mas a humanidade não se curvou diante deles! Os magos e guerreiros conseguem contra-atacar os dragões graças à magia de Urtear que se sacrificou pelo bem de todos! A saga dos Grandes Jogos Mágicos finalmente chega ao seu fim, mas antes que a guilda mais forte de Fiore tenha tempo para respirar, chega um pedido de trabalho de um dos Quatro Deuses de Ishgal...

ISBN10 : 9788545706366 , ISBN13 : 8545706367

Page Number : 199

Fairy Tail

Hiro Mashima Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

THE BLACK DRAGON AND THE END OF FAIRY TAIL! Grimoire Heart is in disarray, but it1s already too late! Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, is on its way to unleash death magic that will consume the world. To this massive beast, the 3dragon slayers2 are little more than insolent insects. There are some enemies not even Fairy Tail can defeat, and after this confrontation the guild will never be the same!

ISBN10 : 9781612628417 , ISBN13 : 1612628419

Page Number : 210