Dramacon Volume 1

Svetlana Chmakova TOKYOPOP Juvenile Fiction

When Christie settles in the Artist Alley of her first ever anime convention, she only sees it as an opportunity to promote the comic she has started with her boyfriend. But conventions are never what you expect and soon the whirlwind of events sweeps Christie off her feet and changes her life. Who is the mysterious cosplayer that won't even take off his sunglasses indoors? What do you do when you fall in love with a guy who is going to be miles away from you in just a couple of days?

ISBN10 : 9781427860811 , ISBN13 : 1427860815

Page Number : 185


Svetlana Chmakova

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Page Number : 576

Dramacon 15th Anniversary Omnibus Edition

Svetlana Chmakova TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Relive Christie's three-year adventure at the Yatta Anime Convention with this 15th-anniversary edition of Svetlana Chmakova's debut series: Dramacon. All three volumes are compacted into one pocket-sized edition. Vol 1 Summar

ISBN10 : 1427864063 , ISBN13 : 9781427864062

Page Number : 624

Dramacon Volume 2

Svetlana Chmakova TOKYOPOP Young Adult Fiction

A teen manga writer deals with new friends and an old flame at this year’s anime convention in the second volume of this romantic manga series. It's Christie’s second year at the Yatta Anime convention—and the drama continues to heat up. With her new partner-in-crime, a.k.a. artiste extraordinaire Bethany, she is again promoting her comic. Matt is also back in town, but to Christie’s shock, he came with a girlfriend! Now, not only does Christie have to fend off close-minded manga fans, she also has to try to keep her heart clear of Matt. But in the twilight that separates friendship from something more, things often get a little complicated . . . and at a convention anything is possible. Praise for Dramacon, Volume 1 “Smart, witty, and moving. . . . Using every visual manga convention to its fullest, this ripping little tale is strong and expressive enough to reveal real emotional depth.” —Publishers Weekly “A fun read from beginning to end . . . Compelling enough that you’ll be wanting to find out how things turn out in volume 2. It deals with pretty interesting everyday life relationship matters, so if you’re into that kind of thing and enjoy comedy, you’ll definitely find it to your liking.” —IGN.com

ISBN10 : 9781427860835 , ISBN13 : 1427860831

Page Number : 203

Dramacon 1

Svetlana Chmakova Turtleback Books Comics & Graphic Novels

For use in schools and libraries only. Set at an anime convention, follows the romantic adventures of seventeen-year-old amateur writer Christie Leroux over the course of several years.

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Page Number : 170


Svetlana Chmakova Comic books, strips, etc

Things get complicated for Christie, a young manga writer, at her first anime convention when problems with her artist boyfriend come to a head and she falls for Matt, a mysterious cosplayer.

ISBN10 : 1427820023 , ISBN13 : 9781427820020

Page Number : 170

Dramacon Volume 3

Svetlana Chmakova TOKYOPOP Juvenile Fiction

College students Christie and Bethany are back to pimp their comic at the LAC, this time to a delightfully large crowd of loyal fans who read it online. Bethany's glowing with pride since her mascot art won the contest and is now on every t-shirt and program at the con. They are the stars this year!

ISBN10 : 9781427860859 , ISBN13 : 1427860858

Page Number : 218