Dr Slump Vol 3

Akira Toriyama VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Robot girl hijinks from the creator of Dragon Ball! When goofy inventor Senbei Norimaki creates a precocious robot named Arale, his masterpiece turns out to be more than he bargained for! Will an alien invasion of Earth hold Arale's attention? Will she ever be her loopy self again after a cricket shorts her brain functions and turns her into a normal girl? And what will the local police station do, now that she's started turning in lost-and-found items that nobody wants found--like poop?!

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Page Number : 206

Dr Slump

鳥山明 Androids

When a goofy inventor creates a girl robot named Arale, he gets more than he bargained for.

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Dr Slump 3

Toriyama Akira NED Comics & Graphic Novels

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Dr Slump Volume 3

Akira Toriyama Comics & Graphic Novels

Arale é alguém que não sofre de tédio! Ela recebe a visita de criaturas mágicas e até de alienígenas! E também passa por uma transformação que deixa todos os seus amigos preocupados!

ISBN10 : 8542608623 , ISBN13 : 9788542608625

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Dragon Ball Vol 3

Akira Toriyama VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

With the Dragon Balls gone and Bulma's summer vacation over, Goku goes to the remote house of the Turtle Hermit, Kame-Sen'nin, to be trained in the martial arts. There, the girl-ogling old master promises to teach Goku everything he knows...and prepare him for the Tenka'ichi Budôkai, the great tournament to determine the Strongest Fighter in the World! But Goku's fellow student, the Shaolin monk Kuririn, isn't above cheating to be the best. Can the two of them get along as they undergo the strangest martial arts training ever? -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781421545776 , ISBN13 : 1421545772

Page Number : 190

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 3

Derek Padula Derek Padula Comics & Graphic Novels

Goku begins a new adventure, and this time the quest is to conquer thyself. In Dragon Ball Culture Volume 3: Battle, you’ll discover the origin of Goku’s training mentality. You’ll see how Akira Toriyama combines thousands of years of martial arts history and modern cinema together to create the Tenkaichi Budōkai. And you’ll hear how Dragon Ball almost gets cancelled, but then changes its format to become the world’s most recognized anime and manga series. Travel alongside Goku as he becomes the disciple of the world’s greatest martial artist, meets his new training partner, and competes in the largest tournament on Earth. Will this wild monkey boy gain the discipline he needs to become the champion? Volume 3 explores Chapters 24 to 53 of the Dragon Ball manga. Let the battle begin!

ISBN10 : 9780983120506 , ISBN13 : 0983120501

Page Number : 330

Dragon Ball Super 3

Akira Toriyama (Original Story) Carlsen Manga Comics & Graphic Novels

18 Jahre nach der Beendigung von DRAGON BALL GT startete die brandneue Anime-Serie DRAGON BALL SUPER in Japan. Die gleichnamige Manga-Serie wartet sowohl mit den beliebten Hauptfiguren als auch mit Charakteren aus den neuen DRAGON BALL Z-Kinofilmen auf. Akira Toriyama und Toyotarou liefern mit DRAGON BALL SUPER die ersten neuen, schwarzweißen Manga um Son-Goku & Co. seit Band 42 - im allerfeinsten »Toriyama-Style«. Ein Actionspaß sondergleichen, ein absolutes Muss für alle DRAGON BALL-Fans!

ISBN10 : 9783646710663 , ISBN13 : 3646710667

Page Number : 208