Doomsday With My Dog Vol 2

Yu Ishihara Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

A single teenage girl, the last of her kind, continues her journeys through Japan with the adoring and bright Shiba Inu Haru—and they’re not alone! From the aloof beauty Snow White to the friendly neighborhood aliens, they’ve got plenty of fellow wanderers to meet, swap stories, and get into misadventures with. Who knew the apocalypse could be such a party?

ISBN10 : 9781975365011 , ISBN13 : 1975365011

Page Number : 132

Doomsday With My Dog Vol 3

Yu Ishihara Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The world is more interesting from the point of view of a dog. The third installment of the leisurely life at the end of the world with Haru the shiba inu and his odd master.

ISBN10 : 9781975365035 , ISBN13 : 1975365038

Page Number : 126

Doomsday With My Dog Vol 1

Yu Ishihara Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

A single teenage girl journeys through the crumbling ruins of civilization—the last human on Earth, exploring the concrete jungle that has outlived mankind. Keeping her company is woman’s best friend—the ever-adorable and quick-witted Shiba Inu Haru, who is ready to stick with her through thick and thin! With such a pleasant conversation partner to keep the postapocalyptic doldrums at bay, the end of the world might not be so bad after all!

ISBN10 : 9781975361846 , ISBN13 : 1975361849

Page Number : 132

Doomsday Volume 1 Of 2 Easyread Large Bold Edition

Warwick Deeping Fiction

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ISBN10 : 9781442916135 , ISBN13 : 1442916133

Page Number : 314