The Development Of Dominion Status 1900 1936

Robert MacGregor Dawson Psychology Press Political Science

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Lord S Dominion

Neil Semple McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP Religion

Semple covers virtually every aspect of Canadian Methodism. He examines early nineteenth-century efforts to evangelize pioneer British North America and the revivalistic activities so important to the mid-nineteenth-century years. He documents Methodists' missionary work both overseas and in Canada among aboriginal peoples and immigrants. He analyses the Methodist contribution to Canadian education and the leadership the church provided for the expansion of the role of women in society. He also assesses the spiritual and social dimensions of evangelical religion in the personal lives of Methodists, addressing such social issues as prohibition, prostitution, the importance of the family, and changing attitudes toward children in Methodist doctrine and Canada in general. Semple argues that Methodism evolved into the most Canadian of all the churches, helping to break down the geographic, political, economic, ethnic, and social divisions that confounded national unity. Although the Methodist Church did not achieve the universality it aspired to, he concludes that it succeeded in defining the religious, political, and social agenda for the Protestant component of Canada, providing a powerful legacy of service to humanity and to God.

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Dominion And Civility

Michael Leroy Oberg Cornell University Press History

Was the relationship between English settlers and Native Americans in the New World destined to turn tragic? This book investigates how the newcomers interacted with Algonquian groups in the Chesapeake Bay area and New England, describing the role that original Americans occupied in England's empire during the critical first century of contact. Michael Leroy Oberg considers the history of Anglo-Indian relations in transatlantic context while viewing the frontier as a zone where neither party had the upper hand. He tells how the English pursued three sets of policies in America—securing profit for their sponsors, making lands safe from both European and native enemies, and "civilizing" the Indians—and explains why the British settlers found it impossible to achieve all of these goals. Oberg places the history of Anglo-Indian relations in the early Chesapeake and New England in a broad transatlantic context while drawing parallels with subsequent efforts by England as well as its imperial rivals—the French, Dutch, and Spanish—to plant colonies in America. Dominion and Civility promises to broaden our understanding of the exchange between Europeans and Indians and makes an important contribution to the emerging history of the English Atlantic world.

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The Canadian Dominion A Chronicle Of Our Northern Neighbor

Oscar D. Skelton BoD – Books on Demand Fiction

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Bloodborne The Bleak Dominion 1

Cullen Bunn Titan Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Set in the world of Bloodborne. The city of Yharnam: an ancient, gothic metropolis in a world of gods and monsters, has fallen foul of a nightmarish plague. The ashen blood disease spares none, turning the innocent into emissaries of an eldritch evil. Lucien was a young boy when he watched his sister fall prey to it, and now he is haunted by her death. Hunters stalk the streets to eliminate the malevolent beasts, the first line of defense against the madness. Gretchen and Abraham took Lucien under their wing to guide him against the terror, but the perils from within may be too great to overcome…

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Dixie And The Dominion

Adam Mayers Dundurn History

1864. The war had entered its third year, and the battle momentum had shifted towards the North. A Union victory seemed imminent. Desperate to keep the Confederate dream alive, Southern leaders concocted a last-ditch plan to turn the tide in their favour. They took advantage of the undefended border and used Canada as a base from which to launch a series of military attacks and terrifying raids on Northern states. In order to prevent further assaults, the United States imposed its first passport laws and threatened trade sanctions, a move that foreshadowed future actions the U.S. would take against Canada in order to defend its borders. As the drama unfolded south of the border, Canada sought to establish its own independence in the form of Confederation. The coalition between Liberal reformer George Brown and Conservative chieftain John A. Macdonald was the force that would create the Dominion of Canada in 1867. The pressure of the Civil War, with its threat to the colonies' security, was a driving force behind this extraordinary pact.

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