Dominion Conflict One

Shirow Masamune Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Welcome to the future of vast bio-constructed cities with crime so severe that the cops drive tanks! For top tank-cop Leona Ozaki (and her trusty tank, Bonaparte), the day-to-day is a tall order already, but when the villainous and sexy (and super-powered androids!) Puma sisters become duly deputized officers of the law and are assigned to "help" Leona catch Urushi-Maru, "The Skyscraper Pirate," things are bound to get out of hand, especially in the midst of a full-on, tank-on-tank streetfight between Leona and a corrupt arms manufacturer bent on getting the city's police tank contract! Produced by international comics superstar Shirow Masamune, creator of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell, Dominion is an ecological-dystopian-police procedural adventure/comedy as only Shirow can create!

ISBN10 : 9781630086015 , ISBN13 : 1630086010

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Shirow Masamune Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Welcome to the future, where the norms are vast bio-constructed cities, air toxic enough to force citizens to wear oxygen masks, and crime so severe that the cops drive tanks! When a mysterious winged girl with the power to cleanse the poisoned air is kidnapped by the villainous Buaku, police mini-tank commander Leona Ozaki, her tank Bonaparte, and her lovesick partner Al must confront the arch-criminal and his catgirl molls-the beautiful and deadly Annapuma and Unipuma-before Buaku's master plan kicks into gear. Buaku has more than money on his mind, and the future fate of humanity hangs in the balance! Produced by international comics superstar Shirow Masamune, creator of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell, Dominion is an ecological-dystopian-police procedural adventure/comedy as only Shirow can create! This new edition is published for the first time in America in right-to-left reading format, as originally published in Japan. * Shirow is well-known and critically acclaimed internationally. * Produced in the authentic right-to-left reading format, as originally published in Japan.

ISBN10 : 9781630086022 , ISBN13 : 1630086029

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Shirow Masamune Dark Horse Comics Galaxies

In the mighty Yamata Empire, magic and technology are one and the same. Now, the Empire is preparing its ultimate feat of psycho-science: the destruction of all the negative karma in the galaxy! But will this mystical purification be the salvation of humanity -- or the trigger of its ultimate destruction? Only one being can save the Empire from its folly: Susano, the God of Destruction. Wild, arrogant, and homicidal, Susano has come to teach the world the true nature of power! Shirow Masamune, creator of Appleseed, Dominion, Intron Depot and Ghost in the Shell, has earned a huge worldwide following with his unique, eclectic, and visually stunning blend of science-fiction and fantasy, and Orion is Shirow at his wildest, and now for the first time in America published in right-to-left reading format, as originally published in Japan. Plus a variety of great bonus features: art gallery, Orion glossary and notes on the text composed by Shirow himself!

ISBN10 : 9781593076955 , ISBN13 : 1593076959

Page Number : 278

Black Magic

Shirow Masamune Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Today, the planet Venus is a literal hell of furnace-like temperatures and dense, poisonous atmosphere. But millions of years in its past, Venus teemed with life and with a civilization far advanced to our own. The Nemisis supercomputer controls government functions, with bioroid "executors" created to carry out the system's utopian edicts. But trouble brews even in paradise, as different executors vie for control of Nemesis, forcing the governing system to secretly create Duna Typhon, a super-bioroid "sleeper," raised among the human populace, ready to use her awesome powers should Nemesis be co-opted to turn paradise into paradise lost. From the imagination of Ghost in the Shell creator Shirow Masamune comes his first published series, Black Magic, a sweeping science-fiction epic that introduces many of the themes and ideas that influence all of Shirow's work. * Now available in right-to-left reading format!

ISBN10 : 9781630085995 , ISBN13 : 1630085995

Page Number : 204

The Dominion Tank Police

David L. Pulver Guelph, Ont. : Guardians of Order Fantasy games

Based on the classic 1989 four-part Japanese anime series, from the mind of Japan's prominent storyteller artist, Masamune Shirow! In the year 2010 A.D., the Earth is a very unfriendly place -- the atmosphere is a poisonous bacterial soup, vicious underworld organizations have run of the cities, and the governments are virtually helpless.

ISBN10 : 0968243126 , ISBN13 : 9780968243121

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Dominion Fall Of The House Of Saul

Barron Bell Comics & Graphic Novels

On the brink of war, a royal family is in crisis. A King who has lost the favor of his Deity and of his people, a son seeking his father's approval, a daughter longing for a purpose beyond being a pampered princess, and a Queen struggling behind the scenes to keep the Kingdom together.DOMINION is a sci-fantasy space opera inspired by the book of 1 Samuel in the Bible, created by artist, writer, and college professor, Dr. Barron R. Bell. Star Wars meets Narnia is this timeless story of war and family reimagined for a new generation!DOMINION: Fall of the House of Saul VOLUME 1 includes the first three chapters of the DOMINION saga as well as galactic maps, biblical study guides, and exciting behind-the-scenes bonus material, together for the first time in this beautiful first edition trade paperback!

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Randy Alcorn Multnomah Fiction

Sweet Revenge? When two senseless killings hit close to home, columnist Clarence Abernathy seeks revenge for the murders—and, ultimately, answers to his own struggles regarding race and faith. After being dragged into the world of inner-city gangs and racial conflict, Clarence is encouraged by fellow columnist Jake Woods to forge an unlikely partnership with a redneck homicide detective. Soon the two find themselves facing dark forces, while unseen eyes watch from above. This re-release of Randy Alcorn’s powerful bestseller spins off from Deadline and offers a fascinating glimpse inside heaven. Can One Man’s Search for Justice Stand Up to the Forces of Evil Threatening to Destroy Him? A shocking murder drags black newspaper columnist Clarence Abernathy into the disorienting world of inner-city gangs and racial conflict. In a desperate hunt for answers to the violence (and to his own struggles with race and faith), Clarence forges an unlikely partnership with redneck detective Ollie Chandler. Despite their differences, Clarence and Ollie soon find themselves sharing the same mission: victory over the forces of darkness vying for dominion. Filled with insight—and with characters so real you’ll never forget them—Dominion is a dramatic story of spiritual searching, racial reconciliation, and hope. I don’t know when I have read a novel that affected me so profoundly. Randy Alcorn has combined a superb mystery/detective story with a lesson in racial relations in America, gang dynamics and symbols, Christian values, and spiritual warfare. —Dave Kirby, Troy (Alabama) Broadcasting Corporation Even better than its predecessor…Alcorn’s writing remains top-notch. —Sean Taylor, CBA Marketplace READER’S GUIDE INCLUDED Story Behind the Book Randy Alcorn thoroughly researched his characters, spending time in the inner city with homicide and gang detectives to better create the scenes for this bestselling novel. He set the story in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, and the main character, Clarence Abernathy, is a black journalist whose unforgettable father played baseball in the old Negro Leagues. Randy has received many letters from readers who assume he is African American due to his accurate portrayals of racial issues.

ISBN10 : 9780307562630 , ISBN13 : 0307562638

Page Number : 626