Der Werwolf The Annals Of Veight Volume 8

Hyougetsu J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Having finished his business in Rolmund, Veight returns to Ryunheit for some well-deserved relaxation. But soon after his return, Fumino, a messenger from the Nation of Wa, arrives to see him. Dressed like a Japanese shrine maiden, she claims to be part of an organization that is searching for reincarnators—or as she calls them, The Divine. Neither Veight nor Fumino trust each other at first, but in order to build commercial and diplomatic ties with Wa, Veight decides to head to the far-off nation with her. There, he'll finally find some clues to the secret of reincarnation, and perhaps even learn why he was reincarnated.

ISBN10 : 9781718331143 , ISBN13 : 1718331142

Page Number : 224

Der Werwolf The Annals Of Veight Volume 7

Hyougetsu J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Though the Doneiks’ Rebellion has been put down, the political situation in Rolmund is more tumultuous than ever. While Ashley is crowned the new emperor, his hold on the country is tenuous at best, and the war for succession could hardly be considered over. With Veight busy running around the capital to shore up support for Eleora, the new emperor's older sister, Dillier, makes a shocking proclamation. She has married the current head of the Bolshevik family, Shallier. The same Shallier who betrayed the Doneiks and surrendered to Eleora at the start of the civil war. In this rapidly shifting political landscape, will Veight be able to safely guide Eleora to the throne?

ISBN10 : 9781718331129 , ISBN13 : 1718331126

Page Number : 264

Der Werwolf The Annals Of Veight Volume 9

Hyougetsu J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Some time after Veight and Gomoviroa leave to investigate the forest, Kite stumbles upon something ominous within one of northern Meraldia's abandoned mines—a desiccated corpse clinging to a powerful, enchanted goblet. Upon discovering the corpse it begins to move, and summons an army of skeletons to ravage Meraldia. As Airia and the other viceroys prepare for an extended siege, Veight returns from his trip and lays waste to the army. He brings the goblet back to Ryunheit to study it, but the moment he lets it out of his sight, it possesses Airia! What is this mysterious goblet, and what could it possibly want!?

ISBN10 : 9781718331167 , ISBN13 : 1718331169

Page Number : 207

Der Werwolf The Annals Of Veight Volume 5

Hyougetsu J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Having thwarted Rolmund's initial invasion, Veight must now unite Meraldia's north and south, forging a new alliance between the region's seventeen cities. But turning the Meraldian Federation into the Meraldian Commonwealth isn't the only task he has to contend with. Now that he's taken an imperial princess captive, he intends to put her on Rolmund's throne in order to prevent any further incursions from the ancient empire.

ISBN10 : 9781718331082 , ISBN13 : 1718331088

Page Number : 257

Der Werwolf The Annals Of Veight Volume 3

Hyougetsu J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

 With Veight’s master taking up the mantle of Demon Lord, the demon army once again resumes its march toward coexistence. Carrying the will of the previous Demon Lord with him, Veight is made the sole vice-commander of the first regiment. His first task as the “Demon Lord’s Vice-Commander” is to ally with Beluza, the largest city in the south. He sets out to meet Beluza’s viceroy, Garsh, marking the beginning of the south’s unification. Upon his arrival, he discovers that the infamous pirate city is plagued with problems. If he wants to win it over, he’ll have to sort them out first!

ISBN10 : 9781718331044 , ISBN13 : 1718331045

Page Number : 301

Highschool Dxd

Ichiei Ishibumi Panini Manga Comics & Graphic Novels

Zwei hübsche Auftragskillerinnen tauchen im Namen der Kirche auf, die den Forschungsclub für Okkultismus bitten, ihnen bei der Wiederbeschaffung des heiligen Schwerts Excalibur zu helfen. Rias lehnt ab, doch Issei trommelt auf eigene Faust eine Truppe zusammen, um seinem Freund beizustehen.

ISBN10 : 9783736737914 , ISBN13 : 3736737912

Page Number : 170