Defying Kurosaki Kun Volume 5

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

“I want to figure out if this is love.” The summer trip’s whirlwind of events has left Yu in a daze, with barely any summer vacation left. But it’s not over yet, and she’s eager to move on and find a new love while the Black and White Princes remain at the summer home! When Yu gets an invitation to a middle school reunion, could she find the romance she wants where she least expects it?

ISBN10 : 9781642125139 , ISBN13 : 164212513X

Page Number : 168

Defying Kurosaki Kun 19

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

For Kurosaki-kun, Canada is more than just a fun class trip. The experience has inspired him not only to make some big plans for his future, but to waste no time setting those plans into motion. Yu, on the other hand, hasn’t thought that far ahead. So when Kurosaki-kun asks Yu to study abroad with him, she’s caught completely unprepared! That audaciousness is exactly what Yu loves about her boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to be apart any more than he does. Still, it’s a choice that will set the course of her own life. What will Yu ultimately decide?

ISBN10 : 9781684912292 , ISBN13 : 1684912296

Page Number : 207

Defying Kurosaki Kun 14

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The secret is out: after their public kiss (doubling as an official relationship announcement!), the entire school finally knows Yu and Kurosaki-kun are dating. Yu is totally fired up to fend off any trouble that comes her way as a result, but her training is interrupted by Kurosaki-kun himself with an invitation to the summer festival. The date-like atmosphere prompts Yu to hope once again that Kurosaki-kun’s feelings for her have changed from devilish dominance to real-life love. Before Yu can find out, though, she’ll have to make it through the biggest predicament of her life …

ISBN10 : 9781646592135 , ISBN13 : 1646592131

Page Number : 165

Defying Kurosaki Kun

Makino Kodansha America LLC High school boys

“I demand absolute obedience from you.” Yu Akabane has worked hard to reinvent herself for high school, and there’s only one step left in her plan to leave her plain Jane days behind: asking out her idol, the “White Prince” Shirakawa-kun. When circumstances lead to Yu moving into the school dorm where Shirakawa-kun boards, she thinks she’s found her lucky break. But unluckily for Yu, “Black Devil” Kurosaki-kun, the boy everyone at school (including the teachers!) is afraid of, lives there too—and when Yu defies him, he’s all too eager to punish her…

ISBN10 : 9781642122190 , ISBN13 : 164212219X

Page Number : 192

Defying Kurosaki Kun 17

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

With exams safely behind them, Yu, Kurosaki-kun, and their friends are off on the class trip to Canada! On the plane, at Niagara Falls, a night out in Toronto… Kurosaki-kun’s devilish teasing has gone global! When they meet his older brother Sakura’s girlfriend, though, Yu can’t help but notice how gentle her normally gruff boyfriend acts toward her. He might be having fun with this, but Yu’s not about to let her man fall for any other woman!

ISBN10 : 9781636994161 , ISBN13 : 1636994164

Page Number : 173

My Roommate Is A Cat 1

Tsunami Minatsuki Carlsen Manga Comics & Graphic Novels

Der junge Erfolgsautor Subaru hat sich nach dem plötzlichen Unfalltod seiner Eltern komplett aus dem gesellschaftlichen Leben zurückgezogen und leidet in seiner Trauer unter einer Schreibblockade. Als ihm am Grab seiner Eltern eine kleine streunende Katze zuläuft, die fortan nicht mehr von seiner Seite weichen will, nimmt sein Leben wieder Fahrt auf. Denn nun muss er hinaus in die Welt... Katzenfutter besorgen! Online bestellen geht nicht, das Tier liegt laut schnurrend auf seinem Laptop! Also muss er shoppen gehen in der Tierhandlung, die Katze braucht ein Klo! Dort arbeitet auch noch eine sehr nette junge Frau, die den scheuen jungen Mann mit ihren freundlichen Ratschlägen zur Katzenhaltung ein ums andere Mal erröten lässt. Die komplette Story wird im Wechsel aus der Sicht von Subaru und aus der Sicht des Kätzchens Haru erzählt - herrlich komisch!

ISBN10 : 9783646718201 , ISBN13 : 364671820X

Page Number : 164