Defying Kurosaki Kun 14

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC

The secret is out: after their public kiss (doubling as an official relationship announcement!), the entire school finally knows Yu and Kurosaki-kun are dating. Yu is totally fired up to fend off any trouble that comes her way as a result, but her training is interrupted by Kurosaki-kun himself with an invitation to the summer festival. The date-like atmosphere prompts Yu to hope once again that Kurosaki-kun’s feelings for her have changed from devilish dominance to real-life love. Before Yu can find out, though, she’ll have to make it through the biggest predicament of her life …

ISBN10 : 9781646592135 , ISBN13 : 1646592131

Page Number : 165

Defying Kurosaki Kun 17

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC

With exams safely behind them, Yu, Kurosaki-kun, and their friends are off on the class trip to Canada! On the plane, at Niagara Falls, a night out in Toronto… Kurosaki-kun’s devilish teasing has gone global! When they meet his older brother Sakura’s girlfriend, though, Yu can’t help but notice how gentle her normally gruff boyfriend acts toward her. He might be having fun with this, but Yu’s not about to let her man fall for any other woman!

ISBN10 : 9781636994161 , ISBN13 : 1636994164

Page Number : 173

Defying Kurosaki Kun 16

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC

Yu’s memories are back and her feelings for Kurosaki-kun are stronger than ever. Next thing she knows, a lingering hug turns into an invitation to bed from her boyfriend! But is Yu really ready to take their relationship to the next step? With Kurosaki-kun’s devil of an older brother Sakura also meddling, and Yu’s own desire to make her boyfriend happy, she knows she needs to make up her mind…

ISBN10 : 9781636992969 , ISBN13 : 163699296X

Page Number : 157

Defying Kurosaki Kun Volume 13

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC

While Kurosaki-kun’s junior, Hino-kun, works from the shadows to isolate the now-popular prince from his friends and admirers, Yu remains blissfully unaware. The biggest thing on her mind is how far to take her relationship with her boyfriend! These days, the (former?) Black Devil seems sweeter and sweeter to her—and she doesn’t know how to handle it! She wants to connect on a deeper level, but when she and Kurosaki-kun end up in a fight instead, could it be that the unlikely couple is simply incompatible? But in the background, Hino-kun’s plans continue to escalate… Includes a bonus story starring Mina!

ISBN10 : 9781646591268 , ISBN13 : 1646591267

Page Number : 174

Defying Kurosaki Kun 6

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC

“Don’t go into heat, Fido.” When Kurosaki-kun takes Yu out on the town one Saturday, she seizes on the trip as an opportunity for a test drive date. All Yu wanted was some innocent fun… So how does she end up freaking out in a hotel room, with the Black Devil fresh out of the bath, and only one bed for the night?! Plus, a special bonus story starring the White Prince back in middle school!

ISBN10 : 9781642125757 , ISBN13 : 164212575X

Page Number : 174

Defying Kurosaki Kun 7

MAKINO Kodansha America LLC

Yu’s sure of it now—she has feelings for Kurosaki-kun. Problem is, that makes her rivals in romance with her best friend! For the sake of her friendship with Meiko, Yu makes up her mind to keep her feelings under wraps…but between Meiko wanting to sneak into Kurosaki-kun’s room, and the schoolwide preparations for an upcoming culture festival putting pretty much everyone in a romantic mood, that might be easier said than done!

ISBN10 : 9781642126389 , ISBN13 : 1642126381

Page Number : 163