Deep Scar Volume 4 4

International Women of Manga

Sofia is a quiet, shy young woman who's never been away from home for long. When she moves to Turin for school, it's her first time away from her family and her boyfriend Luca. But her new roommate, Veronica, leads a life very different from hers: she prefers evenings in the company of beautiful boys! Meanwhile, Luca dreads the influence of Veronica and her entourage on Sofia, and especially the presence of the enigmatic Lorenzo, who seems to be a little too interested in his girlfriend...

ISBN10 : 1427861560 , ISBN13 : 9781427861566

Page Number : 208

Her Royal Highness Seems To Be Angry Volume 4

Neko Yotsuba TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

In a remote kingdom, there lived a princess, adored by her subjects and wielding powerful magic. But as her land was ravaged by an endless war, she lost everything: her people, her family, her loved ones, and eventually, her own life. Until she opened her eyes and awoke in a place she’d never seen before! A thousand years have passed, and she finds herself reincarnated into someone else's body. Realizing the person she's now living as is despised by her own family and even her fiancé, the former princess struggles to understand this new world and the events that have transpired since her death. There’s a lot to be upset about, but first on the list: how in the world did future magic turn out so lame?

ISBN10 : 9781427873088 , ISBN13 : 1427873089

Page Number : 179

Deep Scar Volume 3

Rossella Sergi TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

After fainting unexpectedly, Sofia begins to remember glimpses of her life before the fateful accident she had a few years ago that took most of her memories. It seems she wasn't always the straight-laced good girl everyone thought she was. Now, she'll have to reckon with what really happened back then, and what her family has done to keep her in the dark. At the center of it all is Lorenzo, but she still doesn't understand why. Sofia's mysterious past is finally starting to unravel... but what will she find when it all comes to light?

ISBN10 : 9781427868619 , ISBN13 : 1427868611

Page Number : 194

Tearmoon Empire Volume 4

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Mia just can’t get a break! She ran for student president, won the election, and bent the arc of history away from the calamitous developments Bel foretold. You’d think saving the future would be enough to earn her some rest, but all she got for her troubles was an urgent letter from Ludwig requesting her immediate return to the empire. She sets out for Tearmoon, only to learn upon arriving that the academy city, which she was counting on to develop that new strain of wheat, is now falling apart before their very eyes. The headmaster? Bailed on them. The teachers? Fleeing by the boatload. The project itself? At risk of grinding to a halt. And to make matters worse, the Greenmoons are apparently the ones behind it all! Ludwig offers a solution: they need a new headmaster with enough clout to stop the exodus of teachers, and his former master fits the bill. Sounds great! The only problem is... the man’s a stubborn old badger who hates nobles with a burning passion!

ISBN10 : 9781718371545 , ISBN13 : 1718371543

Page Number : 372

The Ec Archives Weird Fantasy Volume 4

Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Science Fantasy tales of a weird nature! This classic volume collects issues #19-22 of the groundbreaking comics anthology Weird Fantasy, as well as #25 and 26 of Weird Science-Fantasy-- fully remastered in digital color! Featuring strange and exciting tales from iconic writers and artists including Al Feldstein, Jack Kamen, Wally Wood, Jack Kamen, Joe Orlando, Al Williamson, and more!

ISBN10 : 9781506709727 , ISBN13 : 1506709729

Page Number : 222

Ec Archives Weird Fantasy Vol 4

Albert B. Feldstein Comics & Graphic Novels

"Collects tales from iconic writers and artists including Al Feldstein, William Gaines, Jack Kamen, George Roussos, Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, and Max Elkan"--

ISBN10 : 9781506709239 , ISBN13 : 1506709230

Page Number : 224

Deep Scar Volume 2

Rossella Sergi TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

Sofia is a sheltered young woman who's recently started university far from home. It's her first time away from her hometown and family, and she was nervous in the beginning— but she's since made several unexpectedly great friends and is starting to settle in. Things are never that simple, though. Lorenzo — the achingly handsome bad-boy whose enigmatic past no one seems to talk about — always acts so strangely around her. One moment he's kind and gentle, the next evasive and pushing her away. Why does he look at her like that? What kind of secret is he hiding? And... does it have something to do with Sofia herself?

ISBN10 : 9781427863157 , ISBN13 : 1427863156

Page Number : 195