Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 8 Light Novel

Hiro Ainana Yen On Fiction

A VERDANT VACATION!Mia's safe return to the elves of Bolenan Forest is cause for celebration! Satou and crew are showered with hospitality, including elegant music, lavish feasts, and an exclusive look at some of the most advanced technology in the world. But all these luxuries pale in comparison to the true object of Satou's desire: the beautiful high elf Aaze. As the seeds of a summer romance take root in his heart, his peaceful days in Bolenan Forest are tragically cut short by the threat of an invasive species! Can Satou quell this disaster and land a date with the demi-goddess...?

ISBN10 : 1975301579 , ISBN13 : 9781975301576

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Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 8 Manga

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Entering a territory marred by past tragedies (including attacks by Zen the Undead King), Satou faces new challenges. He'll have to charge on through, but the obstacles are many-including monsters, brigands, and even a fortress under attack by a fierce hydra! Where will Satou's path take him in this unfamiliar land?

ISBN10 : 1975359526 , ISBN13 : 9781975359522

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Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 18 Light Novel

Hiro Ainana Yen Press LLC Fiction

A TASTE OF FREEDOM! After dispatching the monsters laying siege to the royal capital and aiding in the bloom of the Royal Sakura blossoms, Satou and his party are finally able to welcome the New Year. Our sightseeing adventurers spend a healthy chunk of time indulging in rare delicacies, bolstering their combat abilities, meeting up with old friends, and dealing in unique and powerful items! Even more exciting than welcoming the New Year with ample festivities, though, is the auction surrounding the Prayer Ring! If Satou plays his cards right, he might just be able to free Arisa and the others from their servant status! What better use for his near-limitless wealth?

ISBN10 : 9781975343965 , ISBN13 : 1975343964

Page Number : 290

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 12 Manga

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Elder Dohal and Satou stay up all night sweating over the anvil, taking turns hammering out mithril to forge the newly christened Fairy Sword Trazayuya! Between sword forging, spell book scrounging, and leisurely strolling around, there's always something to do in the Dwarven Kingdom!

ISBN10 : 1975344871 , ISBN13 : 9781975344870

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Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 19 Light Novel

Hiro Ainana Yen Press LLC Fiction

FREEDOM, AT LONG LAST? After being appointed as Shiga Kingdom’s Vice-Minister of Tourism, Satou decides to take his party on a sightseeing trip around the country. Over the course of their leisurely journey, he and his crew go rafting, reunite with old friends, and even save some refugees! But things take a serious turn when Satou receives word that the imperial mage who placed a Geist on Arisa and Lulu, thus magically binding them to a life of servitude, has been hiding out in the labyrinth beneath the ruins of Kuvork Kingdom. Will Satou and company finally get an opportunity to settle the score with him...?

ISBN10 : 9781975343989 , ISBN13 : 1975343980

Page Number : 268

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 3 Light Novel

Hiro Ainana Yen Press LLC Fiction

Twenty-nine year old Satou just closed his eyes for a brief nap at work, but when he opened them, he found himself in a game-like alternate world. Fortunately, thanks to some excellent luck, his level is high, and his wallet is full.After successfully saving the elf girl Mia from the evil Zen, he's set off to accompany her back to her village. Satou is enjoying his break from work and touring a brand-new world, but such a journey couldn't possibly end without a little adventure, right?

ISBN10 : 9780316556156 , ISBN13 : 0316556157

Page Number : 274