Deadly Class Vol 7 Love Like Blood

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Marcus and Maria have resurfaced, and with them a whole ocean of bad blood crashes on the shores. Shabnam and the Student Council are out to put Marcus and Maria in the grave for good this time, Saya's maniacal brother Kenji stokes the flames of hatred, and in the shadows of those flames looms Headmaster Lin, waiting to reward whoever is left standing with a place by his sideÑor a sharp knife in the back. ItÕs 1989 and the era is drawing to a close, but it's going to take as many poor bastards with it into oblivion as it can. Collects DEADLY CLASS #32-35

ISBN10 : 9781534311374 , ISBN13 : 1534311378

Page Number : 124

Deadly Class Vol 5 Carousel

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It's morning in America, and those who lived through last arcês brutal finale barely have had time to consider what theyêve done before a new class of kids enroll in the school, eager to pick up the bloody mantle. Sophomore survivor Saya Kuroki is given a chance to ascend in the ranks of the schoolês deadliest and most ruthless students, and all it will cost her is whatês left of her humanity. RICK REMENDER & WES CRAIG present a new beginning to the dark saga of DEADLY CLASS. Collecting DEADLY CLASS #22-26

ISBN10 : 9781534303522 , ISBN13 : 1534303529

Page Number : 132

Deadly Class 7

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CLASS IS BACK IN SESSION AS RICK REMENDER & WES CRAIG'S HIT SERIES ROLLS INTO ITS SECOND ARC! Narrowly escaping death in Las Vegas, Marcus and his remaining gang return to Kings Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts. But they're about to learn a hard lesson: blood begets blood, and no bad deed goes unpunished.

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Page Number : 32

Black Science 38

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END OF STORY ARC "LATER THAN YOU THINK," Conclusion Grant and Sara McKay stand at the center of the Onion, finding not heaven or hell, damnation or redemption, but a truth far grander and stranger than even the Dimensionauts could ever have imagined.

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Page Number : 32

Deadly Class Tome 7

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Marcus et Maria sont de retour, et avec eux un torrent de catastrophes plus violentes les unes que les autres. Eux qui pensaient que le cauchemar vécu à King Dominion relevait désormais du passé, ils réalisent bien vite que leurs ennemis sont toujours là, à leurs trousses : Victor et son équipe d'assassins, Saya et sa famille de Yakuzas impitoyables... mais aussi le Grand Maître Lin.

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Page Number : 110