Daytime Shooting Star Vol 9

Mika Yamamori VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Suzume has moved to Tokyo and is living with her uncle. Spring arrives, and Suzume and her classmates are now second-year students. There’s just one problem—all the first-year girls are obsessed with Mamura. Suzume and her friends come up with a plan to make Suzume his fake girlfriend, but Mamura is conflicted. -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781974723706 , ISBN13 : 1974723704

Page Number : 199

Daytime Shooting Star Vol 12

Mika Yamamori VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Suzume has moved to Tokyo and is living with her uncle. Suzume and Mamura enjoy some much-needed alone time in Okinawa. That is, until Suzume spots a guy who looks a lot like Mr. Shishio. Finally, the time has come for Suzume to confront her feelings once and for all. Who will she choose? Find out in the series’ dramatic conclusion! -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781974727346 , ISBN13 : 1974727343

Page Number : 210

Daytime Shooting Star Vol 7

Mika Yamamori VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Clueless country girl Suzume moves to Tokyo and finds her heart caught between two men! After arriving in Tokyo to live with her uncle, Suzume collapses in a nearby park where she had once seen a shooting star during the day. A handsome stranger brings her to her new home and tells her they’ll meet again. Suzume starts her first day at her new high school sitting next to a boy who blushes furiously at her touch. And her homeroom teacher is none other than the handsome stranger! Suzume has moved to Tokyo and is living with her uncle. Suzume and Mr. Shishio take a trip together for the first time. But something weighs heavily on Mr. Shishio’s mind. Meanwhile, Suzume’s worried about being caught on a romantic outing with her teacher.

ISBN10 : 1974715078 , ISBN13 : 9781974715077

Page Number : 0

Daytime Shooting Star Band 9

Mika Yamamori Crunchyroll GmbH Comics & Graphic Novels

Es ist Frühling und für Suzume und ihre Freunde beginnt das neue Schuljahr. Nicht nur, dass Suzume dadurch Herrn Shishio weniger sieht, auch für Daiki ändert sich einiges, denn neuerdings wird er von den jüngeren Mädchen aus der Zehnten nur so umschwärmt! Um ihn aus dieser für ihn unangenehmen Situation zu erlösen, soll Suzume für eine Weile seine Alibifreundin spielen – mit unerwarteten Folgen ...

ISBN10 : 9782889400355 , ISBN13 : 2889400352

Page Number : 198

Rent A Girlfriend 11

Reiji Miyajima National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

Catch up on the manga before Season 2 of the hit anime, coming soon! You can rent a girlfriend, but can you buy love? Reeling from a bad breakup, Kazuya rents the beautiful, polite Chizuru for a date. But rock bottom might be so much lower than he thought! Chizuru is much more than the pretty face and sweet demeanor he thought he'd bargained for... A GIRLFRIEND SHOWDOWN! Ruka crashed Kazuya’s birthday party in the hopes of appealing to the Kinoshita family and proving that she was a superior girlfriend candidate to Mizuhara. Everything seemed to be going her way at first. Even Kazuya’s grandmother was warming up to her. That all changes when Mizuhara arrives to steal the spotlight, however. Down but not out, Ruka is still determined to secure her place as Kazuya’s one and only girlfriend! Can the boneheaded Kazuya weather the storm of a woman in love?

ISBN10 : 9781646513925 , ISBN13 : 1646513924

Page Number : 0