Coffee Moon Vol 1

Mochito Bota Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Pieta, a normal girl, leads a normal, uneventful life in a world of constant black rain. As the rain pours down, like it always does, she takes her usual route to school and has a pleasant conversation with her friend Danae. This is what every day is like for Pieta, and she takes a sort of everyday satisfaction from her totally normal life. But then her typical, pleasant conversation with Danae...doesn’t happen. “Why...?! Why can I remember...yesterday’s today?!!”

ISBN10 : 9781975348694 , ISBN13 : 1975348699

Page Number : 170

Coffee Moon Vol 2

Mochito Bota Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Why, oh why, oh why do you do what you do? “I want to make it to tomorrow!” Danae, Chiaro, Leona, Nike... Pieta’s circle grows and grows. Every day is a fun one—until she commits to breaking the cycle... Down...a black rain falls. Tock tick, the clock stalls. Pity, holy rain, and light never will concede their fight. Yet with each hour stalked by sorrow, could even lions conquer tomorrow? Rain Mall Shadow Coffee Assassin Fashion Arcade Friend Repetition Bullet Gift Loss

ISBN10 : 9781975348717 , ISBN13 : 1975348710

Page Number : 182

Coffee Moon Vol 3

Mochito Bota Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

THIS IS THE WORK OF A WITCH. SHE HAS THE JOY I WANT, SO I’M TAKING IT FROM HER! Her double dealt with, Pieta has willed her way to a new tomorrow. With a bounce in her step, she splashes through sidewalk puddles, but mysteries still creep in damp alley ways...Her flames reduce the world to ash. People, possessions, joy―all ash. Her envy, fuel. Her world, all ash.

ISBN10 : 9781975348731 , ISBN13 : 1975348737

Page Number : 182

Coffee Moon Vol 4

Mochito Bota Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

To end this chain of sorrow is her oath. But Pieta, if she should end despair, must destroy their sorrow and power both. FULL MOON So named are they who might aid in the dare. But though this “Stephanie” shares their ringed eyes, who can trust girls in a shadowy lair? The end of despair...Overcoming Dilemmas once and for all...Pieta and company could use every bit of help they can get on their quest. But when a mysterious girl named Stephanie introduces herself as the leader of Full Moon, a group with similar goals, suspicion keeps them from accepting her offer. After all, they can’t put their faith in just anyone who comes along, no matter what they might have in common. One way or another, though, they will find themselves fighting with Full Moon—be it face-to-face, or side by side... It’s not just us. I’ve seen one more person with these eyes. Syzygy Sorrow Rain Clock Rich Eyes Group Moon Hair Piano

ISBN10 : 9781975361082 , ISBN13 : 1975361083

Page Number : 166

Wishing On The Moon Vol 1

A.R. Moler A.R. Moler Fiction

Cordelia Whitley is an alpha female werewolf with a penchant for control. When Cordelia realizes that her PMS and the full moon are in synch this month, she has to decide whether to tap her best friend-with-benefits or hit the clubs and look for someone new. Jamie Daniels is an inexperienced physician's assistant checking out the wild side of life. When Jamie and Cordelia get a chance to really meet, it's hot! But Jamie's more than he first appears--and there could be hell to pay. Luke Webber is Cordelia’s friend-with-benefits. As a SWAT team member and a high ranking werewolf in the pack, he has a busy and complicated life. His intense protective nature leads him to step in when Jamie is attacked. As dark secrets come to life, the bond between all three tightens. Key terms related to this book: werewolf romance, shifter romance, steamy romance, spicy romance, MMF romance, menage romance

ISBN10 : 9781370472499 , ISBN13 : 1370472498

Page Number : 126

Splendid Love Ceo S Little Adorable Wife

Qing KeZi Funstory Fiction

"Night. I like you. I really like you very much. Regardless of whether you agree or not, you still have to be responsible for me." He was the overlord of commerce and the feared Second Master Xiao of the Twelve Sects. His killing intent was decisive and his arrogance was ruthless. However, his ex-girlfriend's sister, a little sweetheart, had accidentally barged into his life. From then on, this little sweetheart was crying and shouting that she wanted to do it ...

ISBN10 : 9781636896274 , ISBN13 : 1636896278

Page Number : 721