Classmates Vol 2 Sotsu Gyo Sei Winter

Asumiko Nakamura Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

'" Though Rihito's always been a loner, lately he''s grown close to his classmate, Hikaru. The two of them have even fallen in love and tentatively started dating. But when Rihito's mother ends up in the hospital, the stress of it all becomes too much for him. Hikaru wants to be there for Rihito, but can Rihito learn to open his heart and rely on another person? "'

ISBN10 : 9781645052821 , ISBN13 : 1645052826

Page Number : 174

Classmates Vol 1 Dou Kyu Sei

Asumiko Nakamura National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

The touching Boys’ Love story that inspired a hit animated film, in an all-new translation for digital and print. Hikaru always thought his classmate Rihito was kind of a snob, until he stumbles across Rihito secretly practicing a song in an empty classroom. Hikaru agrees to become Rihito’s music tutor, and with each lesson the two boys grow closer. But when Hikaru realizes that he’s fallen for Rihito, will they stay classmates or become something more?

ISBN10 : 9781642750669 , ISBN13 : 1642750662

Page Number : 0

Classmates Vol 3 Sotsu Gyo Sei Spring

Asumiko Nakamura National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

THE SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH Hikaru and Rihito are two high school boys in love. Things are going well for the couple and Hikaru is starting to daydream about a future together post-graduation. Rihito, however, is a bit more reticent, causing the two boys to fight. Will they make up and forge a way forward, or will they become nothing more than former classmates?

ISBN10 : 9781642750683 , ISBN13 : 1642750689

Page Number : 0

A White Rose In Bloom Vol 1

Asumiko Nakamura Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

Ruby is a student at an elite European boarding school. Things are going pretty well for her until she finds out that she won't be able to go home at Christmas. Instead, she'll be stuck at school with only one other student--the aloof and beautiful Steph--for company. As Ruby tries to understand Steph, she becomes more and more attracted to the other girl. But can she break through Steph's icy exterior?

ISBN10 : 9781648277429 , ISBN13 : 164827742X

Page Number : 162

Classmates Vol 4 Sora And Hara

Asumiko Nakamura National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

A FATEFUL MEETING Hara Manabu is a gay man who feels somewhat adrift in the world. He spends his days teaching at an all-boys school, his nights out on the town. While at a gay bar, he meets a young man named Sorano and feels an instant connection. But things become complicated when he sees Sorano again—as it turns out, the young man is a new student at Hara’s school. Can Hara navigate the feelings he has for a student?

ISBN10 : 9781648276538 , ISBN13 : 1648276539

Page Number : 0

Utsubora The Story Of A Novelist

Asumiko Nakamura Vertical Inc Comics & Graphic Novels

Young author Aki Fujino appeared poised to making it big in the world of publishing. Her debut title UTSUBORA was being pitched about to a number of editors and at least one person felt it was set to propel her into stardom. However, before she could ever have her book published, the young woman was found dead. Some believe it was a suicide, but those close to her feel there is something more sinister involved in this young talent's death. Aki's death has become something straight out of a mystery. Much like the story behind UTSUBORA, there is something more to Aki, Sakura and their relationship with an author named Mizorogi than meets the eye. And it is possible that the only way to solve this mystery may be to uncover all their secrets.

ISBN10 : 9781647290139 , ISBN13 : 1647290139

Page Number : 471