Cheeky Brat Vol 4

Mitsubachi Miyuki Yen Press

As the day of the Inter-High approaches, tension between Shizuka and Naruse skyrockets! Although Yuki's happy Naruse's so motivated to win...she could do without the constant posturing or Naruse's jealous neediness whenever Shizuka's name crops up. After all, he's coolest when he's desperate to win--not when he's being an overbearing jerk or an overgrown brat!

ISBN10 : 1975334418 , ISBN13 : 9781975334413

Page Number : 192

Cheeky Brat Vol 2

Mitsubachi Miyuki Basketball managers

"Basketball club manager Yuki has a secret-she's in love with the team captain! But when Naruse, her cheeky kouhai, discovers her big secret, she's in a tight spot! Just how long is he going to keep teasing her about it!? Stupid pretty playboy...." --

ISBN10 : 197533437X , ISBN13 : 9781975334376

Page Number : 192

The Vexations Of A Shut In Vampire Princess Vol 4 Light Novel

Kotei Kobayashi Yen Press LLC Fiction

Fresh off her success in the Six Nations War, Komari is invited to the Heavenly Paradise, a Far Eastern nation where cherry blossoms dance in perpetuity. There, she learns that one of her new allies, Karla Amatsu, is participating against her will in a weeklong ritual to determine the next ruler of the country. Always looking to shirk her duties, Komari writes the whole thing off as someone else’s problem...until Karla announces that the vampire girl will be assisting her in a battle to the death against the opposing candidate on the final day of the competition! But with multiple foreign parties attempting to influence the outcome of the proceedings and a terrorist plot developing in the background, can these two reluctant commanders really come out on top?!

ISBN10 : 9781975339562 , ISBN13 : 1975339568

Page Number : 270

Courtney Crumrin Volume 4 Monstrous Holiday

Ted Naifeh Oni Press Juvenile Fiction

Courtney Crumrin returns in a series of newly remastered, full color editions! To her new classmates, Courtney is merely the grim, quiet girl in the back row. But when a group of students accidentally turns a young boy into a goblin, Courtney must lead the children into Goblin Town to find a cure. Unfortunately, misfortune seems to follow the group straight to the Twilight Kingdom—misfortune and a misguided lawkeeper who has it out for Courtney!

ISBN10 : 9781620100356 , ISBN13 : 1620100355

Page Number : 136

Kokoro Connect Volume 4 Michi Random

Sadanatsu Anda J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Valentine's Day has come, and the members of the Cultural Research Club have been embroiled in yet another supernatural phenomenon. But they’re old hands at this by now. How hard could it be to enjoy some normal high school romance for once? Never mind that they can hear each other's strongest sentiments at the most inconvenient times, while their inhuman tormentor is taking on a more direct role than ever. The stress of endless abnormal living may be too much for some, while others start to wonder whether their club is even worth continuing – which may be out of their hands as end-of-year club presentations and school politics threaten its very existence! When the place they carved out together is threatened both from without and within, how will they be able to overcome this latest challenge? Everything is on the line in the 4th volume of Sadanatsu Anda’s dramedy series.

ISBN10 : 9781718326064 , ISBN13 : 1718326068

Page Number :

Ishura Vol 4

Keiso Yen Press LLC Fiction

Though the devastating second round of the Six ways Exhibition may have been a tough act to follow, the contenders of the third bout promise a show down for the ages! Next onto the field of battle are Soujirou the Willow-Sword and Ozonezma the Capricious. Soujirouis known for his ability to kill at a single glance and has even reduced legends to after thoughts. But it will take more than that to shake Ozonezma. The enigmaticchimera has more than a few tricks in store, including a mysterious ability prepared just for Soujirou...

ISBN10 : 9781975337933 , ISBN13 : 197533793X

Page Number : 352

Cheeky Brat Vol 5

Mitsubachi Miyuki Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Training camp, or their “three day sleepover” as Naruse calls it, is one massive headache for Yuki. Whether it’s a secret meeting on the veranda, a surprise encounter in the bath, or a shocking announcement in front of their teammates—it's like Naruse’s trying to give her a heart attack! Can he just stop being such an annoying, overgrown brat already?!

ISBN10 : 9781975334444 , ISBN13 : 1975334442

Page Number : 196