Cheeky Bowls

Shimako Wan MediBang(global) Comics & Graphic Novels

Higuchi, a management consultant, is assigned to the loss-making pottery shop "KONNO," but is annoyed from day one by the cocky attitude of the third generation president's younger brother, Yuichiro.
While working there, Higuchi finds out why Yuichiro treats Higuchi so poorly.
Although Higuchi is aware that Yuichiro hates him, he gradually becomes more and more attracted to him as he sees Yuichiro's dedicated and earnest attitude toward pottery manufacturing...

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Page Number : 191

I M In Love With The Villainess She S So Cheeky For A Commoner Light Novel Vol 1

Inori Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

Claire François has it all: beauty, brains, and the blood of nobility. As the daughter of a high-ranking noble, she takes her status and the according responsibilities with utmost seriousness--even as the king threatens to undermine his realm's stability with his visions of "meritocracy." Claire is nevertheless prepared to take this societal change in stride, until one of the new commoner students at her elite academy, Rae Taylor, turns her life upside down. Everything about Rae confounds Claire, from her behavior to her intellect to her bizarre fixation on Claire herself. Little does she realize just how much Rae will change her world, and how much she'll change Rae in turn.

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Page Number : 241

The Complete Nick Armbrister Poetry Collection Volume 1 1996 2013

Nick Armbrister Poetry

THE COMPLETE NICK ARMBRISTER POETRY COLLECTION Volume 1 covers it all, Nick Armbrister's work from early 1996 right through to late 2013. An epic career of poems on many topics and views. Much of his work has been published in the 'small press' poetry scene over the years and in his previous books. Also included here is new unpublished work. This book will appeal to anyone who wants to read Nick Armbrister's multi emotional work and to new readers who want to read something different and unique.

ISBN10 : 9781291663082 , ISBN13 : 1291663088

Page Number : 428

Rampant Vol 1

Amy Lane DSP Publications Fiction

Cory and Green must prove they're leaders who bind people to their hearts and keep danger from running rampant.

ISBN10 : 9781634763493 , ISBN13 : 1634763491

Page Number : 400

British Women S Writing From Bront To Bloomsbury Volume 1

Adrienne E. Gavin Springer Literary Criticism

This five-volume series, British Women’s Writing From Brontë to Bloomsbury, 1840-1940, historically contextualizes and traces developments in women’s fiction from 1840 to 1940. Critically assessing both canonical and lesser-known British women’s writing decade by decade, it redefines the landscape of women’s authorship across a century of dynamic social and cultural change. With each of its volumes devoted to two decades, the series is wide in scope but historically sharply defined. Volume 1: 1840s and 1850s inaugurates the series by historically and culturally contextualizing Victorian women’s writing distinctly within the 1840s and 1850s. Using a range of critical perspectives including political and literary history, feminist approaches, disability studies, and the history of reading, the volume’s 16 original essays consider such developments as the construction of a post-Romantic tradition, the politicization of the domestic sphere, and the development of crime and sensation writing. Centrally, it reassesses key mid-nineteenth-century female authors in the context in which they first published while also recovering neglected women writers who helped to shape the literary landscape of the 1840s and 1850s.

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Page Number : 278

Lord Jim Volume 1 Easyread Edition

Joseph Conrad

"Lord Jim" is the story of a seaman and his various adventures. The writer focuses on that one moment of Jim's life where lack of courage changes it forever. He joins a group of officers who manage to escape successfully from a sinking ship and leave all passengers to drown. Later, Jim is the only person who accepts his sin and cowardice publicly. Engrossing!

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