Peach Girl Change Of Heart Volume 8

Miwa Ueda TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Volume 8 continues the adventures of Momo and her new boyfriend, Kiley. But Momo's sworn enemy plots to break up the happy couple. Illustrations.

ISBN10 : 1591824974 , ISBN13 : 9781591824978

Page Number : 170

Congenital Heart Disease

P. Syamasundar Rao BoD – Books on Demand Medical

There are significant advances in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cardiac development and the etiology of congenital heart disease (CHD). However, these have not yet evolved to such a degree so as to be useful in preventing CHD at this time. Developments such as early detection of the neonates with serious heart disease and their rapid transport to tertiary care centers, availability of highly sensitive noninvasive diagnostic tools, advances in neonatal care and anesthesia, progress in transcatheter interventional procedures and extension of complicated surgical procedures to the neonate and infant have advanced to such a degree that almost all congenital cardiac defects can be diagnosed and "corrected". Treatment of the majority of acyanotic and simpler cyanotic heart defects with currently available transcatheter and surgical techniques is feasible, effective and safe. The application of staged total cavo-pulmonary connection (Fontan) has markedly improved the long-term outlook of children who have one functioning ventricle. This book, I hope, will serve as a rich source of information to the physician caring for infants, children and adults with CHD which may help them provide optimal care for their patients.

ISBN10 : 9789533074726 , ISBN13 : 9533074728

Page Number : 368

Aspects Of Pacemakers

Oliver Vonend BoD – Books on Demand Medical

Outstanding steps forward were made in the last decades in terms of identification of endogenous pacemakers and the exploration of their controllability. New "artifical" devices were developed and are now able to do much more than solely pacemaking of the heart. In this book different aspects of pacemaker - functions and interactions, in various organ systems were examined. In addition, various areas of application and the potential side effects and complications of the devices were discussed.

ISBN10 : 9789533076164 , ISBN13 : 953307616X

Page Number : 210

Neurological Disorders In Pregnancy

Gaurav Gupta Springer Nature Medical

This book is a collection of the latest data and papers on neurological disorders during pregnancy. These complicated and difficult conditions require a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, which may either be surgical intervention or medical management. For women in the reproductive age group, the diagnosis of neurological disorders during pregnancy or post-partum creates further challenges Taking motivation from the Editor’s successful management for pregnant cases with neurological disorders, this book is intended to guide the neurosurgical community towards better management of treating neurological disorders in pregnancy.

ISBN10 : 9783031364907 , ISBN13 : 3031364902

Page Number : 539