Cells At Work Code Black 5

Shigemitsu Harada National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

In this new spinoff of the hit manga, a newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something's wrong! Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs... It's hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK! KILLING WITH SWEETNESS After a harrowing journey into a new body, Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell have finally met up again in this strange new world. But the circumstances of their reunion are dire: They've just discovered that this new body has diabetes. The kidney cells grew overtaxed by having to filter too much sugar, and a terrible fate has befallen the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas... A new code black brings a slew of new complications: sleep apnea, pancreatitis, gum disease--how can any cell keep working under these conditions?!

ISBN10 : 9781646510344 , ISBN13 : 1646510348

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Cells At Work And Friends 5

Kanna Kurono Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Mast Cell cares more about living the life of an otaku than he cares about the necessities of life, uses a smartphone too much and develops straight neck. When he goes to a chiropractor recommended by Memory Cell… for some reason he turns into a baby again!? Having a tiny body again, he remembers important things he had forgotten. Amazing! He’s working! He’s giving it his best! Volume 5 of the popular spin-off which you can enjoy no matter where you start reading from. You just might end up learning something while you’re at it.

ISBN10 : 9781636992921 , ISBN13 : 1636992927

Page Number : 153

Cells At Work Vol 5

Akane Shimizu Comics & Graphic Novels

Durante um passeio, Célula encontra as Bactérias Ácido-láticas, dando início ao grandioso e espetacular arco do intestino! Temos batalhas contra a Helicobacter no estômago e contra o vírus da Influenza que sofreu desvio antigênico no intestino! Também acontece uma grande confusão que envolve os micro-organismos do bem, os patógenos, os micro-organismos oportunistas e um poderoso vilão! Será que o Célula conseguirá encontrar os companheiros das Bactérias Ácido-láticas?!

ISBN10 : 6559827801 , ISBN13 : 9786559827800

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Molekularbiologie Der Zelle

Bruce Alberts John Wiley & Sons Science

"Molekularbiologie der Zelle" ist auch international das fuhrende Lehrbuch der Zellbiologie. Vollstandig aktualisiert fuhrt es Studierende in den Fachern Molekularbiologie, Genetik, Zellbiologie, Biochemie und Biotechnologie vom ersten Semester des Bachelor- bis ins Master-Studium und daruber hinaus. Mit erstklassiger und bewahrter Didaktik vermittelt die sechste Auflage sowohl die grundlegenden, zellbiologischen Konzepte als auch deren faszinierende Anwendungen in Medizin, Gentechnik und Biotechnologie.

ISBN10 : 9783527698455 , ISBN13 : 3527698450

Page Number : 1676

Stem Cells And Cancer Stem Cells Volume 5

M.A. Hayat Springer Science & Business Media Medical

It is pointed out that a cancer stem cell is a type within a tumor that possesses the capacity of self-renewal and can give rise to the heterogeneous lineages of cancer cells, which comprise the tumor. It is emphasized that a unique feature of cancer stem cells is that, although conventional chemotherapy kills most cells in a tumor, cancer stem cells remain intact. Vast applications of the following specific stem cells in disease and tissue injury are discussed: embryonic stem cells, human mesenchymal stem cells, cancer stem cells, arterial stem cells, neural stem cells, cardiac stem cells, dental stem cells, limbal stem cells, and hematopoietic stem cells. Because human embryonic stem cells possess the potential to produce unlimited quantities of any human cell type, considerable focus is placed on their therapeutic potential in this volume. These cells are used in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, pharmacological and toxicological studies, and fundamental studies of cell differentiation. It is pointed out that the formation of embryoid bodies, which are three-dimensional aggregates of embryonic cells, is the initial step in the differentiation of these cells. Therapeutic implications of signalling pathways in cancer stem cells are pointed out. Targeting self-renewal pathways in cancer stem cells are also included. Application of mesenchymal stem cells for treating ischemic brain injury is explained. Neural stem cells proliferation into the surrounding area of the traumatic brain injury is explained.

ISBN10 : 9789400729001 , ISBN13 : 9400729006

Page Number : 309