Catwoman Vol 2 Cat International

Tini Howard DC Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

The cat goes international! But first, she must go undercover and have a taste of Milk-the fancy gentlemen’s club where the girls don’t strip, just pour endless drinks while they look pretty and mob bosses ogle them. But Selina has never been Gotham’s only protector, and there’s nothing like a handful of Robins to remind her why the Cat would rather play alone, especially if they’re bringing her closer to her ex. Selina finds herself in the middle of one sticky love square with her old flames Batman and Eiko resurfacing and her shiny new boy toy Valmont wooing her. It’s a deadly love affair you don’t want to miss! Collects CATWOMAN (2018) #45-50.

ISBN10 : 9781779522313 , ISBN13 : 1779522312

Page Number : 180

Catwoman Vol 2

Tini Howard National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

It’s a new era for Catwoman, and she has a new target—Gotham City's underworld! Roman Sionis has been brought to his knees, but enough is enough. Catwoman’s vacation is over and it’s time to get back to work. But Selina has never been Gotham’s only protector, and she’ll have to contend with a well-meaning family of bats…What’s that old saying? The enemy of my enemy…should back off and let me handle it!

ISBN10 : 9781779520326 , ISBN13 : 1779520328

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We Are Gotham

Richard A. Hall McFarland Performing Arts

The television series Gotham gave viewers a unique perspective on the fascinating world of Batman, the legendary comic book character. More than a simple "origin story," the series introduces viewers to a pre-Batman Gotham City, where young hero-cop James Gordon fights a one-man war on crime. In a city where crime is evolving from traditional organized crime to a city plagued by flamboyant and psychotic "super villains," there is a desperate need for a Batman. All of this is witnessed by Bruce Wayne, who was orphaned after his parents were murdered. This book details how characters and story lines throughout the series touch on modern America: our ethics and flaws, our fears and aspirations. Chapters also explore the show's unique twists to classic depictions of the franchise's characters, who have been adored by millions of fans across the decades. Throughout the text, the authors examine Gotham for its insight into 21st-century America, concluding in the exhilarating and frightening conclusion that "We ARE Gotham."

ISBN10 : 9781476647340 , ISBN13 : 1476647348

Page Number : 234

Gotham City Living

Erica McCrystal Bloomsbury Publishing Literary Criticism

Framing Gotham City as a microcosm of a modern-day metropolis, Gotham City Living posits this fictional setting as a hyper-aware archetype, demonstrative of the social, political and cultural tensions felt throughout urban America. Looking at the comics, graphic novels, films and television shows that form the Batman universe, this book demonstrates how the various creators of Gotham City have imagined a geography for the condition of America, the cast of characters acting as catalysts for a revaluation of established urban values. McCrystal breaks down representations of the city and its inhabitants into key sociological themes, focusing on youth, gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, class disparity and criminality. Surveying comic strip publications from the mid-20th century to modern depictions, this book explores a wide range of material from the universe as well as the most contemporary depictions of the caped crusader not yet fully addressed in a scholarly context. These include the works of Tom King and Gail Simone; the films by Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton; and the Batman animated series and Gotham television shows. Covering characters from Batman and Robin to Batgirl, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, Gotham City Living examines the Batman franchise as it has evolved, demonstrating how the city presents a timeline of social progression (and regression) in urban American society.

ISBN10 : 9781350148925 , ISBN13 : 135014892X

Page Number : 225

Catwoman A Celebration Of 75 Years

Dennis O'Neil DC Comics & Graphic Novels

First appearing on newsstands in 1940's BATMAN #1, only a few months after the Bat-Man himself debuted, Catwoman has been essential to the Dark Knight's world from almost the very beginning. Menacing (and sometimes romancing) the Caped Crusader for more than seven decades, Catwoman has become one of Batman's greatest villains, but also one of his greatest allies. Friend or foe, Gotham's feline femme fatale continually skirts the line between right and wrong. She's a dangerous criminal whose claws aren't to be crossed, but she's also the city's Robin Hood, using her unlawful talents to help those in need. This rich contradiction has made her one of the most complex and compelling characters in all of comics. CATWOMAN: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS is a stunning retrospective of Catwoman's history, featuring stories from comic book legends Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Dennis O'Neil, Dick Giordano, Len Wein, Kurt Schaffenberger, Chuck Dixon, Ed Brubaker, Cameron Stewart, Darwyn Cooke, Tim Sale, Paul Dini, Guillem March and more.

ISBN10 : 9781401263010 , ISBN13 : 1401263011

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Berlin (Germany)

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Stjepan Šejić DC COMICS bei Panini Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Die Psychologin Dr. Harleen Quinzel ist dem Joker verfallen, dem gefährlichsten Insassen der Irrenanstalt Arkham Asylum. Harleen beschützt den eingesperrten Killerclown sogar vor Batman. Doch dann plant der irre Harvey Dent einen Überfall auf Arkham, und Harleen und der Joker müssen zeigen, wie weit sie für ihre verbotene Liebe zu gehen bereit sind ...

ISBN10 : 9783736755833 , ISBN13 : 373675583X

Page Number : 68