Boss Wife 2

Mayu Sakurai Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Mio, stuck with her father’s debt, finds herself at a dead-end when she runs into her first love, Yamato Kujo. She’s surprised when she learns that he’s become a lieutenant for the Yakuza, and he’s willing to take on her debt in exchange for her hand in marriage! The two begin to live together, and Mio finds herself wanting to know more and more about Yamato. It’s when Yamato invites Mio out on their very first date, that she learns about Yamato’s past...

ISBN10 : 9781636992358 , ISBN13 : 1636992358

Page Number : 203

Priceless Sweetheart Boss S New Wife Volume2

MeiYue 香港将门信息科技有限公司 Fiction

With a contract, they got married in a flash. He doted on her, loved her, and made her the envy of all women in the world. When she took the pregnancy test sheet and stood happily in front of him, he handed over the divorce papers. She didn't ask him for an astronomical compensation,and left without any property. Five years later, when she and her fiancé were choosing the wedding dress arm in arm, he suddenly showed up. He dragged her to his side and said possessively, "Baby, my son said, he doesn't want a stepfather."

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Page Number : 344

Fierce Boss And Wild Wife

Niu YouGuo Funstory Fiction

Peng Yanfei really wanted to know how much misfortune he had suffered in order to run into such a tyrant. Cold and hot, black and white, cunning as a fox, he had left imprints on her mind one after the other, always elusive, and he had said to her, "I can see through you, from top to bottom, from inside to outside."

ISBN10 : 9781647873097 , ISBN13 : 1647873096

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What The Flick Volume 2

Movie Geek Performing Arts

A quiz book on movie clips that makes a great party game. Can be played alone, one-on-one, or in large groups. Has clips from movies as far back as 1930, all the way up to current day.

ISBN10 : 9781365918391 , ISBN13 : 1365918394

Page Number : 252

Icediamonds Trilogy Volume 2

Stefan Prebil tredition Fiction

In this second book of the Ice Diamonds trilogy - the story of Samuel Frei, a dropout in his mid-fifties, of extraordinary love, of unspeakable greed and international money-laundering - the adventure takes yet another turn. Now that they have survived the volcanos and earthquakes of Iceland, Samuel Frei, his diving colleagues and his burgeoning love, Marie, have arrived in Interlaken, Switzerland. Aside from their traumatic experiences, they also carry the milky white stones they discovered in a lava fissure on their trek to Reykjavik. At Sam's lakeside home, they realize how thoroughly the stones could change their lives, awakening both bombastic dreams of endless riches as well as suspicions, endangering love and friendship. Trying to discover whether they really have diamonds, the divers are drawn into a whirlpool of greed, a hunger for power and the cold-blooded interests of a diamond syndicate that threatens to drown them all.

ISBN10 : 9783347030435 , ISBN13 : 3347030435

Page Number : 168

Love For His Cute Wife

Luo YingBingFen Funstory Fiction

The eldest sister, Tang XIang, who carried the responsibility of the boss of Ming Du Middle School, was recognized as a bad girl when she fought and skipped classes. When her uncle, Bai Lian, framed her and was preparing to counterattack, she met with an omnipotent old man, Peng Nanzi. One of them wanted revenge, got rid of the evil uncle, while the other wanted to avoid marriage, so she returned to the battlefield as soon as possible. She looked at each other for a second and gave a devilish smile.

ISBN10 : 9781637880098 , ISBN13 : 163788009X

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