Pantyhose Teacher

Hentai Jones BookRix Fiction

A young teacher is caught in a vicious circle of abuse and revenge! She is unable to establish her authority over the bullying students and falls victim to their sexual harassment, she is getting stripped and whipped just for her gentle nature, until she has enough and starts to fight back . . .

ISBN10 : 9783739679129 , ISBN13 : 3739679123

Page Number : 52

My Androgynous Boyfriend Vol 1

Tamekou National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

His makeup is flawless! The daily ins-and-outs of an office lady and her beautiful boyfriend. Wako and her androgynous boyfriend don’t exactly have the most traditional of relationships. She spends her days working hard in the world of publishing, while he spends his time obsessing over fashion and makeup—all with the goal of making himself beautiful just for her. This romantic slice-of-life story is about love, relationships, and breaking with tradition!

ISBN10 : 9781645051985 , ISBN13 : 1645051986

Page Number : 0

Catgirl Doctor

Brandon Varnell

Kuro and Elsa have been registered as Chris's catpanions. While his relationship with the three catgirls deepens, their livelihood is threatened after a group of men assault Kuro and Silva while they're out shopping. The obviously planned attack was no doubt instigated by someone-and there's only one person that can be. Unfortunately, Chris is no superhero, no vigilante seeking justice with his own two hands. He's just a college student. All he can do is continue being the best mate his catpanions can ask for, taking Kuro out on dates, helping Silva get a job, and treating Elsa like a woman instead of his adopted sister. Life may not be perfect, but Chris and his catpanions will learn to find solace in each other.

ISBN10 : 1951904893 , ISBN13 : 9781951904890

Page Number : 252

Lily Marble

Kisugae MediBang(global) Comics & Graphic Novels

Isn't it everyone's dream to enjoy the fun and comical relationship between these healthy, bright and independent girls? "Fitness Club LILY" is a nest for fit and beautiful women. They have the elegant yoga instructor, a boyish muscle female trainer, and the gossip-addict young girls at the reception desk. Not even mention the classy and energetic female customers. What kind of "naughty" relationship will be formed between them? "Lily Marble" is a light GL that covers multiple pairing, each with their own uniqueness and charm! Must read for every GL fans!

ISBN10 : PKEY:G9781641658003 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 13

Sick B Stards

Matt Shaw CreateSpace

If the bombs dropped... If life as we know it stopped... If everything went to Hell... How far would you go to survive? WARNING: THIS IS AN EXTREME HORROR NOVEL. There is gore. There is bad language. There are scenes of a sexual nature. But hidden underneath it all is also a chilling story. Please do not purchase this book if you are easily shocked, disgusted or offended. This book is not for you. A family will do anything to survive after a nuclear attack has left their world in ruins. Actions which even surprise them...

ISBN10 : 1499772858 , ISBN13 : 9781499772852

Page Number : 236

Anti Platonic Yaoi Manga

Yupopo Orishima MediBang(global) Comics & Graphic Novels

Ryouya is a total party animal with fuck buddies. Living with Ryouya is Io, a cold and cool type of guy who doesn't show his emotions much, but physically he's the 'perfect fit' with Ryouya. Io doesn't normally feel much in the way of affection, but whenever he smells Ryouya's musk he just goes crazy for it. But Io's never said a word of his true feelings, not even once...

ISBN10 : PKEY:G9781641656290 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 199

Overlord Vol 1 Manga

Kugane Maruyama Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

What do you do when your favorite game shuts down? Momonga decided to stay logged in right up until the very end. But when the servers go dark, he finds himself transported into the game world--and he's been transformed into his skeletal avatar from the game, awesome magical powers included! But what if he's the villain of his own story?

ISBN10 : 9780316397643 , ISBN13 : 0316397644

Page Number : 182