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From the creator who brought you notable works such as The Flowers of Evil, Happiness, and Inside Mari, comes a new suspense drama centering on the theme of a toxic parent. Dive into this latest thriller by master storyteller, Shuzo Oshimi. Seiichi's mother loves him very much, and his days pass with placid regularity. School, friends, even the attention of his attractive classmate Fukiishi. Until one terrible summer day, that all changes... Shuzo Oshimi (The Flowers of Evil) delivers his most unsettling work yet, the tale of a seemingly normal family suddenly swallowed up by the creeping horror of everyday life. Gorgeous art and an understated script only serve to heighten the tension as we watch Seiichi Osabe's life spiral into nightmare.

ISBN10 : 9781647290160 , ISBN13 : 1647290163

Page Number : 220

Blood On The Tracks

Willson, S. Brian PM Press Biography & Autobiography

“We are not worth more, they are not worth less.” This is the mantra of S. Brian Willson and the theme that runs throughout his compelling psycho-historical memoir. Willson’s story begins in small-town, rural America, where he grew up as a “Commie-hating, baseball-loving Baptist,” moves through life-changing experiences in Viet Nam, Nicaragua and elsewhere, and culminates with his commitment to a localized, sustainable lifestyle. In telling his story, Willson provides numerous examples of the types of personal, risk-taking, nonviolent actions he and others have taken in attempts to educate and effect political change: tax refusal—which requires simplification of one’s lifestyle; fasting—done publicly in strategic political and/or therapeutic spiritual contexts; and obstruction tactics—strategically placing one’s body in the way of “business as usual.” It was such actions that thrust Brian Willson into the public eye in the mid-’80s, first as a participant in a high-profile, water-only “Veterans Fast for Life” against the Contra war being waged by his government in Nicaragua. Then, on a fateful day in September 1987, the world watched in horror as Willson was run over by a U.S. government munitions train during a nonviolent blocking action in which he expected to be removed from the tracks and arrested. Losing his legs only strengthened Willson’s identity with millions of unnamed victims of U.S. policy around the world. He provides details of his travels to countries in Latin America and the Middle East and bears witness to the harm done to poor people as well as to the environment by the steamroller of U.S. imperialism. These heart-rending accounts are offered side by side with inspirational stories of nonviolent struggle and the survival of resilient communities Willson’s expanding consciousness also uncovers injustices within his own country, including insights gained through his study and service within the U.S. criminal justice system and personal experiences addressing racial injustices. He discusses coming to terms with his identity as a Viet Nam veteran and the subsequent service he provides to others as director of a veterans outreach center in New England. He draws much inspiration from friends he encounters along the way as he finds himself continually drawn to the path leading to a simpler life that seeks to “do no harm.&rdquo Throughout his personal journey Willson struggles with the question, “Why was it so easy for me, a ’good’ man, to follow orders to travel 9,000 miles from home to participate in killing people who clearly were not a threat to me or any of my fellow citizens?” He eventually comes to the realization that the “American Way of Life” is AWOL from humanity, and that the only way to recover our humanity is by changing our consciousness, one individual at a time, while striving for collective cultural changes toward “less and local.” Thus, Willson offers up his personal story as a metaphorical map for anyone who feels the need to be liberated from the American Way of Life—a guidebook for anyone called by conscience to question continued obedience to vertical power structures while longing to reconnect with the human archetypes of cooperation, equity, mutual respect and empathy.

ISBN10 : 9781604865929 , ISBN13 : 160486592X

Page Number : 749

Blood On The Tracks

William Vitka Simon and Schuster Fiction

A railroad cult is a dying woman’s only hope. Athena and the Hellcat crew are driving hard. Their first stop is the wasteland’s only remaining radio station in Columbus, Ohio—run by the quirky Dapper brothers. It’s there that Athena learns of the dangers farther west in the nuclear hell—radiation, massive insects and a savage group of raiders called Wraiths. Athena’s best hope of getting to California is the organization that runs the railroads—The Trakers. Athena suspects not all is as it seems with the powerful religious group, but the Traker’s titanic locomotive—the Bulldozer—is the only way she can cover the dusty dead expanse of the Midwest. So she makes a deal. One with fatal consequences.

ISBN10 : 9781682612217 , ISBN13 : 168261221X

Page Number : 192

Blood On The Tracks

Barbara Nickless Murder

A young woman is found brutally murdered, and the main suspect is the victim's fiancé, a hideously scarred Iraq War vet known as the Burned Man. But railroad police Special Agent Sydney Rose Parnell, brought in by the Denver Major Crimes unit to help investigate, can't shake the feeling that larger forces are behind this apparent crime of passion. In the depths of an icy winter, Parnell and her K9 partner, Clyde, both haunted by their time in Iraq, descend into the underground world of a savage gang of rail riders. There, they uncover a wide-reaching conspiracy and a series of shocking crimes. Crimes that threaten everything Parnell holds dear. As the search for the truth puts her directly in the path of the killer, Parnell must struggle with a deadly question: Can she fight monsters without becoming one herself?

ISBN10 : 1536609021 , ISBN13 : 9781536609028

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Blood On The Tracks

Tom Grasty iUniverse Fiction

This morning. Room 211. The Chelsea Hotel. Elysian Row. A man is lying face up on a red crushed-velvet chaise. His wide-open eyes stare at some unseen spot on the ceiling. He is wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans, scuffed-up Spanish leather boots, and a matching Bolero vest. At first glance, one might mistake him for a vagabond, a vagrant, a drifter. He would have liked that. He always thought of himself as a traveling troubadour. But look closer. The lifeless man lying across the chaise is none other than superstar Bob Dorian. He'd been hailed a poet, a prophet, and the voice of a generation. Dorian never wanted to be any of those things. The most famous rock star in the world always resented the attention. Of course, turning up dead attracts the most attention of all. Suspects? Tons of them. They're all characters in Dorian's songs, not to mention they all hold a grudge. Intent on finding the killer, Dorian's manager, Jack Frost, teams with Commissioner Tiresias and obituary writer Mister Johns to track down the true culprit and solve the mysterious murder. And the answers they need may just be staring them in the face.

ISBN10 : 9780595461806 , ISBN13 : 0595461808

Page Number : 394

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Shuzo Oshimi National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

"..if you enjoyed Oshimi's previous work with "Flowers of Evil", and you enjoy dark storylines with twisted characters, you'll no doubt enjoy "Blood on the Tracks"! Recommended!" - Neo Tokyo 2099 Up on the hill, Seiichi's encounter with Shigeru merges with his own experience of being cast away by his mother, Seiko—and in that moment, he kills Shigeru in order to kill himself, a sacrificial rite to permanently sever his connection with his mother. Taken into custody, Seiichi feels only relief... But Seiko isn't gone from his life yet!!

ISBN10 : 9781647291693 , ISBN13 : 1647291690

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