Black Summoner Manga Volume 6

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

“I just kept fighting powerful opponents and finally reached Rank S.” After saving the Village of Elves from the Trycenian invasion, Kelvin is approached by Leonhart Gaun, the king of Gaun, who starts off by saying that he acknowledges Kelvin as a Rank S adventurer. Soon after, Kelvin finds out that as part of the festivities held in honor of his promotion, he will have to fight a fellow Rank S adventurer, “Ice Princess” Sylvia. Despite having already reached the pinnacle of the adventuring world, this battle junkie continues to seek more power and new challenges, sharpening his claws in preparation for his upcoming encounter with true strength. Join this black-clad warrior for a stunning spectacle in this sixth volume of his epic journey!

ISBN10 : 9781718316256 , ISBN13 : 1718316259

Page Number : 161

Black Summoner Manga Volume 3

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

“Leave your idealism at home. If you wish to change the world, first get strong enough to do so!” After Kelvin’s forces are bolstered by the addition of Sera, the daughter of the late Demon Lord Gustav, the party sets out for Toraj, the Country of Water. There, who do they encounter but...the Heroes of Deramis?! With the promise of combat on the horizon, there is no way our favorite battle junkie would miss out on such a perfect opportunity. He waits in anticipation for the clash against the Heroes of Light, Wind, Water, and Darkness, and if a few pesky bandits mean to get in his way...well, he’ll just have to “play” with them too! Join this black-clad warrior and his allies as they continue to make a name for themselves and travel abroad in the third volume of an epic journey!

ISBN10 : 9781718316225 , ISBN13 : 1718316224

Page Number : 164

Black Summoner Manga Volume 4

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

“We’re always looking for fights with more powerful foes. The fun’s just getting started.” After wiping out Black Wind in Toraj and fulfilling his desire to fight the Heroes of Deramis, Kelvin returns to Parth just in time to greet the goddess Melfina, who has finally finished preparing her artificial body and is ready to join the party in person. Along with her descent to the mortal plane, she bestows the Blessing of the Goddess of Reincarnation upon Kelvin, which enables him to summon a Hero of his own! As Kelvin’s party continues growing in size and in strength, the militaristic nation of Trycen stirs in the shadows. Amid the rapidly changing situation, Parth’s ultimate battle junkie receives notice of his Rank S promotion exam, which requires him to...solve a mystery?! Join this black-clad warrior and his allies as the action ramps up even more in the fourth volume of this epic journey!

ISBN10 : 9781718316232 , ISBN13 : 1718316232

Page Number : 164

Black Summoner Manga Volume 2

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

“Well, that’s because we have no doubt that we can beat you!” Ever since arriving in a new world, in possession of rare and powerful abilities that he acquired by bartering away his memories, Kelvin has steadily continued building up his party by gathering powerful allies one after another. Now, the threat of a demon — a race only told of in legends and stories past — looms over Parth, the City of Peace. As the most powerful party in the area, Kelvin and his allies are tasked with the investigation and handling of this new threat — only to walk into a life-and-death fight with a Rank S opponent! Our snarky, fun-loving battle junkie faces his most formidable foe yet...but luckily, he’s got some of the most formidable allies around to combat them! The exhilarating battle fantasy journey continues as this black-clad warrior and his companions continue to leave their mark upon the world!

ISBN10 : 9781718316218 , ISBN13 : 1718316216

Page Number : 164

Black Summoner Manga Volume 15

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

“Why don’t you all come at me at once, with all your power!!!” The Beast King Festival continues, and several schemes are afoot! Kelvin and Leonhart are duking it out, Ange is shadowing our favorite battle junkie, and Sera is on the hunt for a mysterious yet strangely familiar contestant who shares her last name. Many threads slowly weave into one final confrontation, but how will it all shake out? Kelvin is certainly powerful, yet Leonhart has got to have tricks up his sleeve as well, and may prove to be the toughest opponent he’s ever faced. But why did he put on such a sham of a fight, and how will this grudge match end?

ISBN10 : 9781718316348 , ISBN13 : 1718316348

Page Number : 162

Black Summoner Volume 6

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Kelvin, the battle junkie Summoner from another world, continues searching for powerful opponents even after becoming a Rank S adventurer and defeating the Demon Lord. He receives an invitation to Gaun, the Country of Beastkin, where two things are about to happen: a Naming Ceremony for him as a Rank S adventurer and the Beast King Festival. The former is good and all, but what really gets his blood pumping is the latter, which turns out to be a tournament hosted at the Gaun Mixed Fighting Arena, where all the greatest fighters from across the continent are expected to show up! As Kelvin and his companions continue making their way through the rounds, they encounter not only Goldiana’s sister disciple, but also a mysterious young girl who seems strangely similar to Sera. Who is she and what does she want? Come along for the ride as this black-clad Grim Reaper and his friends confront powerful foes one after another in the sixth volume of this epic journey!

ISBN10 : 9781718375581 , ISBN13 : 1718375581

Page Number : 254

Black Summoner Manga Volume 7

Doufu Mayoi J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

“I’m in a pinch, all right. And that’s why I’m having such a blast!” The battle between Kelvin and “Ice Princess” Sylvia, a fellow Rank S adventurer, kicks into high gear! She displays an uncanny knack for battle and possesses a skill that completely nullifies all magic attacks! Kelvin is immediately on the ropes but soon launches his own counterattack! Hang on to your seats for this white-hot showdown between our favorite black-clad battle junkie and one of the world’s greatest fighters in this seventh volume of his epic journey!

ISBN10 : 9781718316263 , ISBN13 : 1718316267

Page Number : 177