Berserk Volume 30

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Thanks to Lady Farnese's selfless sacrifice, Guts, the Black Swordsman, and the rest of his companions are free to carry on their journey aboard the ship of Farnese's brother, Magnifico — that is, if they're willing to leave Farnese behind. But having to choose between their mission and their loyalties might not be a problem for long if the Kushan emperor and his legion of monstrous minions have their way. With a host of Kushan forces descending on Vritannis, there might not be much left of Farnese's family — or any of the citizenry — to worry about!

ISBN10 : 9781506704432 , ISBN13 : 1506704433

Page Number : 213

Berserk Deluxe Volume 10

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

The GOAT adult horror manga continues in deluxe oversized hardcover editions. Guts and his companions have finally arrived at the sea, but their respite is short-lived as bloodthirsty beasts possessed by malefic Kushan sorcery emerge from the surf. Guts must again don the Berserker Armor to give his troupe any hope of survival, but the accursed shell threatens his very soul . . . and the lives of his comrades! Collects Berserk Volumes 28–30, including three fold-out color posters. “Berserk is finally given the treatment fans have longed for.”—Adventures In Poor Taste “The series more than lives up to its title.”—Comics Buyer’s Guide “The best manga ever.”—Toyfare

ISBN10 : 9781506727547 , ISBN13 : 1506727549

Page Number : 654

Berserk Volume 17

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Warrior supreme Guts, the Black Swordsman, has seen better days — and more popular — in the kingdom of Midland, a land he once defended as captain of the Band of the Hawk. But the Hawks were betrayed and slaughtered, and now the hyolier-than-thou Holy Iron Chain Knights have captured Guts and plan to whip some repentance into him — literally. But Guts isn’t so easily held at bay, at when he manages to escape with the Holy Knights’ leader, Farnese, as his hostage, the demons that are drawn to Guts’ Brand of Sacrifice are all too willing to show her the teeming darkness in her own soul!

ISBN10 : 9781506704296 , ISBN13 : 1506704298

Page Number : 242

Berserk Volume 25

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Guts the Black Swordsman just can't seem to find a little peace. On his way to the idyllic tranquility of his miniature pal Puck's homeland of Elfhelm, Guts and his companions, at the behest of a local witch, assist a village beset by a plague of hideous and deadly trolls. Assisted by the witch's disciple, Schierke, the warrior band manages to turn the tide against the beasts, but when a monstrous ogre hits town, a tide of another kind is needed, a mystic flood to wash the town clean. But when Casca and Farnese are carried away by the flood, they become prisoners in the troll's den, where a fate far worse than any imaginable death awaits!

ISBN10 : 9781506704388 , ISBN13 : 1506704387

Page Number : 225

Berserk Volume 16

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Warrior supreme Guts has been marked for sacrifice to the armies of the damned, and now he has the blood of a village of possessed children on his hands — a horde of elf-demons straight out of a fairy-tale fever dream. But now Guts must deal with the Queen of the Elves herself, and though she may be cute as a button, she has hideous power and lethal intent, and in her wake, no one lives happily ever after!

ISBN10 : 9781506704302 , ISBN13 : 1506704301

Page Number : 239

Berserk Volume 34

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Faced with the Kushan emperor's horrific new form and the bloody swath of destruction and spawning demons he leaves in his wake with every step, the soldiers in Griffith's new Band of the Hawk must assume their true unholy forms to battle the emperor, revealing their true faces to the citizens of Midland. How will these tormented refugees react when they discover that their would-be rescuers are as monstrous as their enemies? And could this titanic confrontation threaten to unleash even greater horrors upon the human world?

ISBN10 : 9781506704470 , ISBN13 : 1506704476

Page Number : 241

Berserk Volume 27

Kentaro Miura Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Now equipped with the mystical Berserker Armor, Guts fights on against the dragon-form of Grunbeld and his legion of fanatic apostle soldiers. But the very armor that holds Guts together — in a nightmarishly literal sense — might be the last straw that tears his tortured mind apart! While Guts struggles to hold his own against his inner demons, monsters of a very different sort rally in Windham as the Kushan Emperor, Ganishka, and the newly reborn Griffith rally their forces in a head-to-head struggle for control of all of Midland. But when the dust finally settles, there may be little left of the kingdom to claim!

ISBN10 : 9781506704401 , ISBN13 : 1506704409

Page Number : 224