Berserk Of Gluttony Light Novel Vol 7

Isshiki Ichika Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

Fate finally locates Myne in Hausen, the domain of which he is lord and protector. It has always been Fate's aim to save Myne from herself, but now the alternative comes at too high a cost to bear: should Fate fail to rescue his errant companion, the mysterious Libra threatens to rain destruction on everything he holds dear. But Fate will have to overcome more than Myne in the depths of Hausen--he'll have to face the darkness of her past and the truth of their forsaken world.

ISBN10 : 9781685798031 , ISBN13 : 1685798039

Page Number : 267

Berserk Of Gluttony Manga Vol 7

Isshiki Ichika Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

To rescue Roxy, Fate pushed his Skill of Mortal Sin to its very limit, only narrowly defeating Envy and the Divine Dragon. But he paid dearly for it, losing both his arm and control over Gluttony, forcing Roxy to save him instead. Now a new path lies ahead, one that leads back to some familiar foes!

ISBN10 : 9798888431528 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 164

Berserk Of Gluttony Manga Vol 7

Isshiki Ichika National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

A strikingly illustrated dark fantasy, in which a frail young man’s terrible magic could lead him to ultimate power. And don’t miss the original light novels, also from Seven Seas! Fate Graphite has never tasted true power. Born into a world with two kinds of people—those with superior skills and those without—he’s been shunned his entire life. Fate’s skill is Gluttony, a curse that leaves him constantly hungry…until he awakens its terrible potential. When he kills someone, he can devour their skills and feed his insatiable appetite. How many lives will it take for Fate’s Gluttony to finally be satisfied?

ISBN10 : 9781638587101 , ISBN13 : 1638587108

Page Number : 0

Vampire Dormitory 05

Ema Toyama Egmont Comics & Graphic Novels

Mito hat keine Familie, keinen Job und kein Dach über dem Kopf. Als Junge verkleidet kämpft sie auf der Straße ums Überleben. Ihre Lage könnte kaum aussichtsloser sein... bis sie dem mysteriösen Vampir Ruka begegnet. Der bietet ihr ein neues Zuhause an – wenn sie ihm ihr Blut zur Verfügung stellt. Fantastischer Romance-Nachschub von Ema Toyama! --- Dieses spezielle E-Book-Format kann auf allen aktuelleren Tablets und Geräten mit Zoomfunktion gelesen werden. Dein Leseprogramm sollte die Darstellung von Fixed-Image-E-Books im EPUB3- oder mobi/KF8-Format unterstützen. Weitere Informationen findest Du auf der Homepage von Egmont Manga. ---

ISBN10 : 9783864588006 , ISBN13 : 3864588006

Page Number : 160


Kentarō Miura

ISBN10 : 3866072155 , ISBN13 : 9783866072152

Page Number : 204

Vinland Saga

Makoto Yukimura

ISBN10 : 355175845X , ISBN13 : 9783551758453

Page Number : 197