Archie Comics Double Digest 260

Archie Superstars Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Juvenile Fiction

Don't miss this must-have issue of ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST! This jumbo issue is chock-full of the best Archie stories ever told! All from the pages of the best-selling series THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS! This collection also includes story introductions by celebrity fans, top writers, awesome artists, and other insights into some of the hilarious and most popular tales from Archie Comics' 75-year history!

ISBN10 : 9781627386289 , ISBN13 : 1627386289

Page Number : 284


High school students

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Jughead Archie Comics Digest 5

Archie Superstars Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Juvenile Fiction

A day at the carnival is the perfect outing for good ol’ Jughead! Funnel cakes, cotton candy, giant lollipops, corn dogs, and … Ethel in a giant turtle suit? Ethel’s volunteered to run as mascot in the carnival fun run, and she’s challenged Jughead to compete! If she wins, Jughead has to take her out to the movies, and dinner, and a bunch of other things that Jughead wouldn’t be caught dead doing! Well, no problem, right? Jughead can outrun a teen girl in a turtle suit … even if there is all kinds of free food being given away on the race track … Find out what happens in “The Old Shell Game,” the lead story in this summery issue of Jughead & Archie Jumbo Comics Digest! (Formerly Jughead & Archie Double Double Digest)

ISBN10 : 9781627384520 , ISBN13 : 1627384529

Page Number : 317

Jughead Archie Comics Double Digest 21

Archie Superstars Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Comics & Graphic Novels

Archie’s got a big date for Veronica and he’s running late! If only he could find his pants… and his socks… and his car—ok, maybe Archie needs to get organized before he can even start thinking about dating! See if Jughead can help Archie make it to Ronnie’s on time, or if he’ll be kicked to the curb in “Medium Well” the hilarious new lead story to this JUMBO comics digest!

ISBN10 : 9781681839929 , ISBN13 : 168183992X

Page Number : 256

World Of Archie Super 3 Pack Winter 2022

Archie Superstars Archie Comic Publications Comics & Graphic Novels

Archie Comics is getting into the holiday spirit by giving back to the fans! This year, the whole town of Riverdale is proud to present a specialty 3-pack of their popular comics digests for one low price. At over 550 pages of content, ’tis the season for the antics and adventures only the lovable Archie Andrews can provide! The Winter 2022 3-Pack collects World of Archie Jumbo Digest #113, Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #323, and Betty & Veronica Jumbo Digest #297

ISBN10 : 9781645765974 , ISBN13 : 1645765970

Page Number : 550

Archie Comics Double Digest 276

Archie Superstars Archie Comic Publications Juvenile Fiction

Get ready for DOUBLE the laughs and DOUBLE the fun in this newest installment of Archie JUMBO comics digest featuring an ALL NEW LEAD STORY! In “Dear Fake Diary,” Archie creates a fake diary just to see if Veronica to would read it. As he plants outrageously fake stories, he watches Veronica struggle to maintain her composure!

ISBN10 : 9781682551141 , ISBN13 : 1682551148

Page Number : 256

Archie Comics Double Digest 266

Archie Superstars Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Juvenile Fiction

Archie loves spending time with his best furry friend (and wingman!), Vegas. The two are an unstoppable duo: especially when it comes to collecting phone numbers from girls! But Archie’s not the only one getting the girl: this time, Vegas has landed himself a date! But when the two wander off together during an impending winter storm, it’s up to Archie, his friends and their pets to band together and track down Vegas and his lady. Can they save them before the storm hits? Find out in “Best Friends,” the heartwarming lead story to this JUMBO-sized comics digest!

ISBN10 : 9781681839363 , ISBN13 : 1681839369

Page Number : 257