Aoba Kun S Confessions

遠山えま Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

With their feelings mutual, Mayo and Aoba-kun are filled with happiness. But it is short-lived, as an unexpected incident befalls them...! Mayo is heartbroken, and Nao gives her a shoulder to lean on. "I'll always have feelings for you, regardless of what happens." How will Mayo react to Nao's frank confession...?

ISBN10 : 9781642124194 , ISBN13 : 1642124192

Page Number : 158

Aoba Kun S Confessions

Ema Toyama Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

"I like you, Sakurada," Aoba-kun finally opens up about his feelings to Mayo. As they enter a new stage in their relationship, Mayo’s heart hasn’t stopped pounding…!! She inadvertently ends up avoiding him, which causes Aoba-kun to worry that his condition is making her anxious. Meanwhile, Nao overhears a conversation that Aoba’s feelings will fade away someday. It looks like Aoba and Mayo’s love is still fraught with troubles. This refreshing, pure love story continues in Volume 6!

ISBN10 : 9781642121520 , ISBN13 : 1642121525

Page Number : 158

Aoba Kun S Confessions

Ema Toyama Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Aoba-kun’s secret turns out to be greater than Mayo had suspected. After knowing his secret, Mayo and Aoba-kun get closer. Meanwhile, Nao becomes paranoid after Haruma, a former schoolmate with a grudge, says some harsh words about Aoba-kun, and he turns to Mayo with his worries. After confiding in Mayo, is Nao starting to fall for her…?! The love gets deeper in Volume 4!

ISBN10 : 9781682337349 , ISBN13 : 1682337340

Page Number : 160

Aoba Kun S Confessions

Ema Toyama Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Shy girl Mayo starts a job at a strange place called the "Listening House." She does her best to get Aoba-kun, the most popular kid in school, to share his worries, but he doesn't open up so easily... During all this, Mayo drops Aoba-kun's notice to quit the team, and it gets spotted by his friend Nao...! There's more to the story of the basketball team and Mayo's romance in volume 2!

ISBN10 : 9781682335864 , ISBN13 : 1682335860

Page Number : 160

Vampire Dormitory

Ema Tōyama Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Mito finally understands her feelings for Ruka … but just as she realizes the truth, she and Ruka have a fight, and she ends up spending the night with Ren. However, being in close quarters with her awakens the half-vampire dhampir Ren's predatory nature! It's a three-way triangle between a crossdressing girl, an obsessive vampire, and a dangerous dhampir in this heart-pounding third volume!

ISBN10 : 9781646592685 , ISBN13 : 1646592689

Page Number : 157

Lovesick Ellie 3

Fujimomo National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

The outrageous shojo comedy finally comes to print! A boy and a girl come to share each other's secrets: She remixes her real life and fantasies into a pervy Twitter feed, and he's selfish and manipulative on the inside. The relationship (?) that results is explosive and hilarious, perfect for fans of Kiss Him, Not Me!, Horimiya, and Wotakoi! #LosingOhmiKun Plain Eriko Ichimura’s love and fantasies grow in equal measure as she gets to know smooth-spoken, handsome Akira Ohmi’s true bratty nature. What’s more, after a rather intimate moment at the library, Ohmi tells her, “Let’s continue... after you pass your exam.” After receiving her “prize” from Ohmi, Ellie finds her friend, Sara, unwittingly entrenched in school rumors - including one that claims Sara is secretly dating Ohmi?!

ISBN10 : 9781646513192 , ISBN13 : 1646513193

Page Number : 0

Beauty Bunny

Mari Yoshino Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Kohane Yuzuhara is a 17-year-old high-school student who doesn’t have any interest in makeup. When her mom whisks her away on a sudden move back to Tokyo, though, Kohane gets called ugly on her first day at her new school by her hot classmate Iori Yashima. Iori’s a rich boy whose family owns Yashima Cosmetics, and he can do makeup like a pro. Kohane’s had it with Iori’s massive ego until, one day, he transforms her by doing her makeup. Could Kohane be starting to develop an interest in cosmetics? This "makeup Cinderella love story" is the latest work from Mari Yoshino, author of Peach Heaven!

ISBN10 : 9781682338117 , ISBN13 : 1682338118

Page Number : 167

Hotaru S Way

Satoru Hiura Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

"I'd rather nap at home than fall in love." Hotaru no Hikari, a love story about himono woman Hotaru Amemiya, has been collected into a volume! This himono woman is bewildered when she falls in love for the first time in a long time with younger man will this himono woman romance play out?! Also included is a one panel comic drawn especially for this volume!

ISBN10 : 9781682337400 , ISBN13 : 1682337405

Page Number : 193

Neon Genesis Evangelion The Legend Of Piko Piko Middle School Students Volume 1

Yushi Kawata Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Mysterious invaders are threatening recruit a group of elite schoolkids to play videogames that secretly train them for the real fight that lies ahead! Does this plan sound familiar? Well, they'd better get a new plan, because the elite schoolkids are Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Kaworu, and they're too busy playing games to ever get in the fricking robot!

ISBN10 : 9781630087319 , ISBN13 : 1630087319

Page Number : 148

The Walls Between Us

Haru Tsukishima Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Makoto Sakurai finally starts dating her childhood friend, Reita Kikuchi. As the two inch towards a real romantic relationship, a distant cousin of Makoto's shows up unexpectedly and starts making waves… Follow their adventure in the sixth installment of this hilarious love story full of Reita's egoism, the "wall thing," and heart-pounding, butterfly-inducing romance!

ISBN10 : 9781642128048 , ISBN13 : 164212804X

Page Number : 173