And Yet You Are So Sweet 3

Kujira Anan Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Maaya is over the moon as she pretends to have one-sided feelings for the coolest boy in school, Chigira-kun. However, Chigira-kun is ready to take things to the next level and proposes that they pretend to mutually like each other...! Maaya tries her hardest to become a wonderful girlfriend, but she’s already on the ropes because Chigira-kun is just too sweet to her?! Just how far is she allowed to take things as Chigira-kun’s girlfriend?!!

ISBN10 : 9781636991641 , ISBN13 : 1636991645

Page Number : 173

And Yet You Are So Sweet 2

Kujira Anan Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Maaya has her first confession of love she ever made in her life crash and burn. Just as she’s experiencing heartbreak over it, the school’s most popular, good-looking guy, Chigira-kun, turns to her and proposes that she pretend to have one-sided feelings for him. It originally starts where she promises to never fall for him, but day by day, Chigira-kun is just so sweet and kind that Maaya really does begin to feel something real...! It’s then that Maaya decides to call off their little game because she’s not allowed to fall for him any more than she already has!?

ISBN10 : 9781636991108 , ISBN13 : 1636991106

Page Number : 169

Sweet Magnolias Collection Volume 3

Sherryl Woods MIRA Fiction

The Sweet Magnolias is now a Netflix Original Series! Return to the warm, cozy town of Serenity in this collection of classic stories from the Sweet Magnolias series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods. Sweet Tea at Sunrise Emotionally wounded single mom Sarah Price has come home to Serenity for a fresh start. She’s got the full support of her treasured best friends, but sometimes a woman needs more. Travis McDonald may be exactly what Sarah’s broken self-confidence requires. He’s intent on getting Sarah to work at his fledgling radio station…and maybe into his bed. Sarah has learned not to trust sweet words—can Travis show her he’s the man to heal her heart? Honeysuckle Summer Her devastating marriage behind her, Raylene Hammond is so thankful that her best friends are sheltering her. Sheriff’s deputy Carter Rollins understands why Raylene is trapped inside, and he’s taken to bringing the outside world to her. But with two kid sisters to raise, how long can he wait for this woman who’s stolen his heart but might never be strong enough to accept what he’s offering? Maybe they’ll never have more than this one sweet summer. Midnight Promises When Elliot Cruz first courted struggling single mom Karen Ames, it was a fantasy romance. The personal trainer made it his mission to restore Karen’s strength—physical and emotional—and to charm her children. A few years into their marriage, colliding dreams threaten to tear them apart. Elliott’s desire to finance a business opportunity stirs Karen’s deep-rooted money insecurities, and an infidelity close to them puts their differences into perspective. Is their bond so strong they can triumph against all odds? Read the Sweet Magnolias Series by Sherryl Woods: Book One: Stealing Home Book Two: A Slice of Heaven Book Three: Feels Like Family Book Four: Welcome to Serenity Book Five: Home in Carolina Book Six: Sweet Tea at Sunrise Book Seven: Honeysuckle Summer Book Eight: Midnight Promises Book Nine: Catching Fireflies Book Ten: Where Azaleas Bloom Book Eleven:

ISBN10 : 9781488029844 , ISBN13 : 1488029849

Page Number : 400

Best Short Stories Omnibus Volume 3

H. and E. Heron Tacet Books Fiction

This book contains 350 short stories from 50 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. Wisely chosen by the literary critic August Nemo for the book series 7 Best Short Stories, this omnibus contains the stories of the following writers: - Sheridan Le Fanu - H. and E. Heron - Charlotte Riddell - Flora Annie Steel - Amelia B. Edwards - Margaret Oliphant - Edward Bellamy - Arnold Bennett - S. Baring-Gould - Daniil Kharms - E.F. Benson - John Buchan - Ella D'Arcy - Jacques Futrelle - Frank Richard Stockton - John Kendrick Bangs - Kenneth Grahame - Julian Hawthorne - A. E. W. Mason - Richard Middleton - Pierre Louÿs - Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole - Ethel Richardson - Gertrude Stein - E. Phillips Oppenheim - Arthur Quiller-Couch - Mór Jókai - Andy Adams - Bertha Sinclair - Fitz James O'Brien - Eleanor H. Porter - Valery Bryusov - John Ulrich Giesy - Otis Adelbert Kline - Paul Laurence Dunbar - Frank Lucius Packard - Barry Pain - Gertrude Bennett - Francis Marion Crawford - William Pett Ridge - Gilbert Parker - Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford - Elizabeth Garver Jordan - Richard Austin Freeman - Alice Duer Miller - Leonard Merrick - Anthony Hope - Ethel Watts Mumford - Anne O'Hagan Shinn - B. M. Bower

ISBN10 : 9783968583112 , ISBN13 : 3968583116

Page Number : 4600

Ceo S Wife You Are So Hot

Xin QiQi Funstory Fiction

She was the Lan family's most unfavoured daughter. No matter the occasion, she was the most unremarkable existence. Even so, she did her best to make everyone around her happy. He was the Su Clan's Third Young Master. In order to take revenge and obtain the Su Clan's property, he had always been living in fear. Only he wanted to protect her, but his legs were crippled and he purposely concealed his love ... He hated her to the bones. "Lan Wei, you're so ruthless. To be able to break up with me, you actually destroyed your own flesh and blood. You're not worthy of being a mother!" She endured the pain in her heart as she laughed in a bone-chilling manner: "Su Mubai, you love another woman, so I'll let you go. Isn't this what you wanted?"

ISBN10 : 9781636456973 , ISBN13 : 1636456979

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