Altair A Record Of Battles 25

Kotono Kato Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The imperial capital of St. Michael has fallen, and the Great Rumeriana War ends with Torqye victorious. Now, a new era begins under the watchful eye of Zaganos, who isn't shy about recruiting talented Balt-Rhein leaders for his needs. Some readily accept this, some deny it, and some take more sinister measures. And as Mahmud's eyes turn toward rebuilding and the post-war order, something dawns on him in his mind...

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Altair A Record Of Battles

Kotono Kato Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

For generations the Torqye Pashalu and the Balt-Rhein Empire have stood in stern opposition of each other. Then one night, when an Imperial minister is found assassinated, the two nations are plunged into a potentially explosive situation! As the generals of Torqye's council cry for war, Mahmut comes to discover the devious truth behind the assassination! Thus the young pasha's battle for his country, peace and trust in his fellow man begins!

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Level Comic Altair Tale Of The Great War Vol 16

Kotono Kato

Altair - Tale Of The Great War atau Altair: A Record of Battles (将国のアルタイル, Shōkoku no Arutairu) adalah serial manga Jepang yang ditulis dan diilustrasikan oleh Kotono Kato. Ini bercerita tentang Tuğril Mahmut, seorang perwira militer muda dan eksploitasi untuk melindungi negaranya dari invasi oleh kerajaan tetangga. Manga ini diserialkan di majalah manga shōnen milik Kodansha, Monthly Shōnen Sirius pada tanggal 26 Juli 2007. Kodansha telah mengumpulkan bab-babnya ke dalam volume tankōbon individu. Volume pertama diterbitkan pada 23 April 2008. Pada 9 Maret 2022, dua puluh lima volume telah diterbitkan. Manga ini memenangkan kategori manga shōnen di Penghargaan Manga Kodansha Tahunan ke-41. Manga ini menceritakan Tuğrul Mahmut seorang yatim piatu dan pasha muda yang bertugas di Divan of the Türkiye Stratocracy yang ingin memastikan bahwa perang tidak pernah terjadi. Setelah pembunuhan seorang politisi, Türkiye berada di bawah ancaman yang menjulang dari Kekaisaran Balt-Rhein yang militeristik dan agresif. Dengan perpecahan Divan antara penghasut perang dan pasifis, Mahmut memulai pencariannya untuk menjaga perdamaian dengan cara apa pun. Mahmut memulai perjalanan untuk melihat lebih banyak dunia luar, hanya untuk menyaksikan pengaruh Balt-Rhein yang berkembang di benua itu. Untuk melindungi tanah airnya, Mahmut dan rekan-rekannya melakukan perjalanan melintasi Rumeliana Barat untuk membentuk aliansi antara negaranya dan negara-negara lain untuk menghadapi Kekaisaran Balt-Rhein dan gerakan ekspansionis mereka yang menakutkan. Siapa yang akan menang? Apa yang akan Mahmut lakukan jika perang terbukti tak terhindarkan? Sinopsis Pasukan Imperium Sud mulai beranjak menuju tanah airnya!! Mahmut pun mendengar kabar akan ketidakwajaran pergerakan pasukan musuh itu. Tujuan Pasukan Sud ternyata adalah Religion, kota tujuan berikutnya Pasukan Zaganos, yang tengah berderap untuk memerdekakan bekas-bekas kerajaan lama di teritori Imperium! Demi menolong Pasukan Zaganos dari serangan dadakan. Mahmud memimpin pasukan untuk mengejar Pasukan Sud!! Tapal kuda meraung beriringan dengan nyanyian pelana! Inilah jiwa asli bangsa Turkiya yang tersohor di penjuru daratan!! Detail Penulis : Kotono Kato ISBN : 9786020412771 Penerbit : Elex Media Komputindo Tahun Terbit : 2017 Jumlah Halaman : 240 halaman Berat : 130 Gram Jenis Cover : Soft Cover Dimensi : 13 x 18 Cm Kategori : Comic Bahasa : Bahasa Indonesia Genre : Historical Fantasy Volume : 25

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Blissful Land

Ichimon Izumi Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Final volume! At long last, the date for Khang Zhipa and Rati’s wedding is nearly upon them. Between the reception dinner and wedding dress, all the preparations are coming along smoothly to hold a wedding celebration that everyone will enjoy. Just as Khang Zhipa and Rati wish, both family and friends, as well as villagers alike, bestow them many blessings and well wishes as they finally become husband and wife. There's also extra bonus content galore in this volume, so please enjoy this final volume to this slice-of-life story that’s chockfull of Tibetan culture.

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Altair A Record Of Battles

Kotono Kato Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Remove the sultans from their thrones! Mahmut has been given a top-secret mission to incite rebellion in the Dert Sultanluk in an effort to thwart their collusion with the Empire. They first head for Kuluch to search for pro-Torqye support, but upon arriving, they learn a shocking truth! Without a moment to spare, Mahmut’s resourcefulness and initiative are put to the test!

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Page Number : 227

The Year S Best Science Fiction Nineteenth Annual Collection

Gardner Dozois St. Martin's Griffin Fiction

The twenty-first century has so far proven to be exciting and wondrous and filled with challenges we had never dreamed. New possibilities previously unimagined appear almost daily . . . and science fiction stories continue to explore those possibilities with delightful results: Collected in this anthology are such compelling stories as: "On K2 with Kanakaredes" by Dan Simmons. A relentlessly paced and absorbing tale set in the near future about three mountain climbers who must scale the face of K2 with some very odd company. "The Human Front" by Ken MacLeod. In this compassionate coming-of-age tale the details of life are just a bit off from things as we know them-and nothing is as it appears to be. "Glacial" by Alastair Reynolds. A fascinating discovery on a distant planet leads to mass death and a wrenching mystery as spellbinding as anything in recent short fiction. The twenty-six stories in this collection imaginatively takes us far across the universe, into the very core of our beings, to the realm of the gods, and the moment just after now. Included here are the works of masters of the form and of bright new talents, including: Eleanor Arnason Chris Beckett Michael Blumlein Michael Cassutt Brenda W. Clough Paul Di Filippo Andy Duncan Carolyn Ives Gilman Jim Grimsley Simon Ings James Patrick Kelly Leigh Kennedy Nancy Kress Ian R. MacLeod Ken MacLeod Paul J. McAuley Maureen F. McHugh Robert Reed Alastair Reynolds Geoff Ryman William Sanders Dan Simmons Allen M. Steele Charles Stross Michael Swanwick Howard Waldrop Supplementing the stories are the editor's insightful summation of the year's events and a lengthy list of honorable mentions, making this book a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart.

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