Air Gear Omnibus 2

Oh!Great National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

This supersized omnibus includes Vols. 4-6 of the original release of Air Gear! ONWARDS AND UPWARDS Ikki has proven himself to be the toughest rider on the Eastside, but not without risking his neck. Now, with a new pair of Air Treks and a team of his own, Ikki is more powerful than ever! But the life of a Stormrider is flled with danger. Will Ikki soar to new heights and discover his road in the sky, or will he have his wings clipped before he can leave the nest?

ISBN10 : 9781612624013 , ISBN13 : 1612624014

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The Dragonspire Chronicles Omnibus Vol 2

James E Wisher Sand Hill Publishing Fiction

Whoever controls the dragons, rules the world. After a long, hard slog, Yaz and his friends finally begin to make progress on rescuing the kidnapped villagers. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones making progress. The Dark Sages are well along the road to seizing control of all the dragonspires. Both sides are on a collision course and the conflict will change the world forever. Volume 2 contains the second three books of the Dragonspire Chronicles: The Slave War, The Sunken Tower, and The Dragon Empress.

ISBN10 : 9781945763687 , ISBN13 : 194576368X

Page Number : 640

Megatokyo Omnibus Volume 2

Fred Gallagher Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Fred Gallagher's popular, long-running Megatokyo series celebrates over fifteen years of successful web and print publication with a second massive Megatokyo Omnibus edition and a return to Dark Horse Comics! Featuring the next three volumes of Fred Gallagher's otaku-gamer fantasy epic, Megatokyo Omnibus Volume 2 will also add new content- available only in this omnibus edition! Join obsessed Otaku Piro and his hardcore 133t h4x0rm4573r gamer friend, Largo, on their chaotic adventures in Tokyo from their unique - and dramatically different - points of view. Collects Megatokyo Volumes 4-6! "Megatokyo is a delightful and imaginative work of American manga."-Publisher's Weekly "The real charm of Megatokyo lies in the artwork . . . a style that feels light and airy, and allows for great detail."-Animerica "The pleasure of a story like Megatokyo comes not in its novelistic coherence, but in its loose ranginess . . . as it literally outgrows its borders into a lushly penciled full page, the story maturing into the exuberant, addictive soap operatics of the manga that inspired it."-The New York Times "Unlike many American 'manga' creators, Gallagher understands that creating 'manga' involves more than just aping an art style. Megatokyo is filled with quirky, interesting characters and the kind of loopy humor that makes Love Hina and Slayers so popular." "Gallagher is the fastest-rising star on the American manga scene."-Library Journal

ISBN10 : 9781506701882 , ISBN13 : 1506701884

Page Number : 760

Best Short Stories Omnibus Volume 2

August Nemo Tacet Books Drama

This book contains 350 short stories from 50 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. Wisely chosen by the literary critic August Nemo for the book series 7 Best Short Stories, this omnibus contains the stories of the following writers: - Mary Shelley - D. H. Lawrence - Ellis Parker Butler - Anthony Trollope - Zona Gale - Emma Orczy - Don Marquis - Charles W. Chesnutt - Kathleen Norris - Stanley G. Weinbaum - Honoré de Balzac - M. R. James - Banjo Paterson - Bret Harte - Henry Lawson - W. W. Jacobs - Charlotte M. Yonge - Mary E. Wilkins Freeman - L. Frank Baum - O. Henry - William Dean Howells - T. S. Arthur - Sherwood Anderson - Robert Barr - Lafcadio Hearn - Giovanni Verga - Hamlin Garland - Émile Zola - Stewart Edward White - Sarah Orne Jewett - Willa Cather - George Ade - Robert W. Chambers - Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson - Ruth McEnery Stuart - Lord Dunsany - George Gissing - Théophile Gautier - Paul Heyse - Selma Lagerlöf - Thomas Burke - Edith Nesbit - Arthur Morrison - Stacy Aumonier - John Galsworthy - E. W. Hornung - Ernest Bramah

ISBN10 : 9783968587172 , ISBN13 : 3968587170

Page Number : 4780

Witch Way Collection Volume 2

Jennifer L. Hart Elements Unleashed Fiction

The midlife magic continues for sister witches Alys, Maeve, and Siobhan Silver. Join them as they juggle childbirth, ghosts, ancient curses, and even a dragon! This supernatural-sized collection includes: Book 4 Jingle All the Witch Way Book 5 Witch Way Today Book 6 Witch Way Tomorrow and Book 7 Witch Way Ever After Buy Witch Way Collection Volume 2 and conjure your coven now! PRAISE FOR THE SILVER SISTERS CONTEMPORARY FANTASY SERIES: ★★★★★"...wonderful in so many ways!!!" Jeanie, Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★ "A new series full of wonderful new characters and awesome magical adventures." Elisa2972, Bookbub reviewer ★★★★★"...a wonderful family saga filled with exciting characters both loving and evil." Barbara, Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★"These are great women and the beginning of a great new series." Andrea, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ "This book grabbed me from the first page and held on through the last page, and I want more! Dami, Goodreads reader Fans of the following books and series are known to enjoy this modern fantasy series: Immortals After Dark Practical Magic Order of Magic Midlife in Aura Cove Midlife Elementals Witching After Forty Fans of the following authors are known to enjoy this Over 40 adult fantasy series: Krelsey Cole Alice Hoffman Jana DeLeon Sarah Addison Allen Lindsay Buroker Deborah Wild Sherrilyn Kenyon Renee George, Yasmine Galenorn, S.J. Wells, Sam Cheever, Christine Pope, Kate Krake, Dakota Cassidy, Debra Dunbar, Christie Marquess, J.J. Justice, Lucy May, Morgana Best, Cate Martin, Cate Lawley, Elise Sax, Emery Belle, Rhonda Hopkins, Dionne Lister, Colleen Cross, Michelle M. Pillow, Jessica Arden, Heather Silvio, Melissa Erin Jackson, Stephanie Damore, Nyx Halliwell, Andris Bear, Mandy M. Roth, T. Thorn Coyle, Kristen Painter, Shéa MacLeod, Amy Cissell, Elizabeth Hunter, Carissa Andrews, Eve Langlis, Lucia Ashata Fans of the following books and series are known to enjoy this modern fantasy series: Garden Spells Suddenly Psychic Practical Magic First Frost The Sugar Queen The Wrong Side of Forty Keywords related to this Contemporary Fantasy Romance series: Starting over, humor, contemporary woman, later in life romance, Spells, spell craft, spell work, coven, magick, Fantasy Books, Family Sagas, Free Adults Modern Fantasy Books, Animals & Nature, Adult Bundle And Midlife Bundle, Adults Books Free, Free Paranormal Women's Fiction Books, Popular Series, Adults Books Free, Adult Box Set, Free Paranormal Fantasy Books For Adults, Top Rated Books, Tricks, Fantasy Omnibus, Spells & Charms, Modern Fantasy Books Free, Free Romance Books, Free Witch Books, Magic, Adults Romance Books Free, Magic Books For Free, Contemporary Free, Free Paranormal Books, Free Fantasy Romance Books For Adults, Free Supernatural Women's Fiction Books, Omnibus Set, Omnibus Best Books For Women over Forty, Essential Reads, Contemporary Fantasy, Fae, Free Books For Women over 40, Omnibus Bundle, Witchy Free Books, Witches Of The Night, Adult Omnibus, Witch Books Free, Free Series Starters, Free Fantasy Books For Adults, Paranormal Women's Fiction Series , Druids, Free Adventure Books, Witches Box Set, Top Rated Fantasy Collection With Witches And Shapeshifters, Fantasy Books For Adults, Witch Coven Books, Adults Free Books, Audiobooks, Midlife, Fantasy Bundle, Heroine, Fae, Paranormal Fantasy Books For Adults, For Midlife Women, Fantasy Box Sets, Paranormal Women Omnibus, Witch Romance Free, Witches Omnibus, Witches Series, Fantasy Box Set, Fantasy Stories, Midlife Megapack, Witches Series, Series Box Sets Fantasy, Fantasy Books, Adventure Books , For Age 40 And Up, Adult Fantasy, Witches Omnibus, Best Rated Omnibus Adult Witches, Omnibus Collection, Boxed Set, Fantasy Books, Books To Read And Download, Adults Romance Books, Magical Adventures, Top Midlife series, Witches Box Set, Collections & Anthologies

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