A Kiss With A Cat 3

Miko Senri Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Nekoyama-kun forcefully moved into Erina’s home (as a cat). She tried to kick him out at first, but after seeing him get jealous of another cat and receiving help from him when she was in a pinch, she began to develop feelings for the aloof yet sweet Nekoyama-kun! A handsome boy later approached and tried to befriend the two of them. Is this mysterious boy a rival, or…?!

ISBN10 : 9781684911653 , ISBN13 : 1684911656

Page Number : 169

Adventures Into The Unknown Archives Volume 3

Various Dark Horse Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

From storm-battered castles to secret laboratories, the golden age supernatural anthology Adventures into the Unknown! had every spooky setting audiences could desire! Eminent illustrators Ogden Whitney, Bob Lubbers, John Celardo, Lin Streeter, and others deliver some classic pre-Code horror stories. Collecting issues #9-#12, this deluxe hardcover also includes an introductory essay by Michael T. Gilbert. * The rare and expensive comics are finally collected! * Featuring classic work by Ogden Whitney!

ISBN10 : 9781630084851 , ISBN13 : 1630084859

Page Number : 221

The Hentai Prince And The Stony Cat Vol 3

Sou Sagara Digital Manga, Inc. Comics & Graphic Novels

Yoto must face his pesky personal demons if he hopes to defeat the girl who stands in the way of a special someone’s happiness! But can he simply force two very strange sisters to kiss and make up? The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat keeps things lively with laughter, friendship…and the most mysterious statue ever created! In an all-out battle for self-hood, is speaking your mind the surest plan?

ISBN10 : 9781613137031 , ISBN13 : 1613137036

Page Number : 164

Metamo Kiss

Sora Omote VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Koharu's cat Kojiro has been catnapped! But the bigger problem is...that it's actually Koharu! Will she be able to escape before sundown? Meanwhile, Hanamaru meets a cute little girl who bring him incredibly good luck--except he's starting to forget all about Nanao! Will he lose his memory of her forever? -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781421586168 , ISBN13 : 1421586169

Page Number : 194

Captive A Dark Romance Collection Volume 3

Julia Sykes Julia Sykes Fiction

This collection includes three books in the Captive Series: Wicked King, Caged Princess (bonus novella), and Ruthless Savior! Wicked King Carmen Ronaldo is my enemy and my obsession. I’ll conquer her and make her mine. For years, Carmen has hated me. I deceived her to learn her family’s secrets, and then I used those secrets to fracture the Ronaldo cartel. I took half of their territory and made myself a king, but I’ve never been fully satisfied in my victory. I’ve waited far too long to claim Carmen for myself. My feisty little kitten might hate me for taking her as my captive, but she'll surrender herself to me. I’ll protect her from all her enemies. Except me. My cage will be her refuge, my rules her fortress. Carmen is no longer my enemy. She's just mine. Caged Princess One night with the princess of the Ronaldo Cartel. One night to lure Carmen into spilling her brother’s secrets. Secrets that I will use the shatter his organization. I will pick up the pieces for myself. I will be the new king. Too bad she’ll hate me forever for my betrayal. That didn’t bother me before, but now that I’ve had the most intense experience of my life with my sweet kitten, I find that I don’t like leaving her behind. I’ve never experienced regret. The emotions that rule weaker men don’t affect me. Until her. Ruthless Savior My pretty little captive thinks she can run from me. She doesn’t understand how ruthless I truly am… Guarding my lovely hostage has become my obsession. I protect Marisol from the vicious men in my brutal cartel, including myself. I’ve kept the promise I made to my boss on the night of her capture: No one touches her. But she runs from me at the first opportunity, escaping the safe cage I built for her. I’ve spent endless nights imagining so many delicious ways to claim her. Now that she’s defied the cartel, I can indulge all of my dark desires. I’ll never let her escape me again. Marisol is mine.

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Page Number : 536

Shaker Autobiographies Biographies And Testimonies 1806 1907 Vol 3

GlendyneR Wergland Routledge Literary Criticism

In the late eighteenth century a small Shaker community travelled to America under the leadership ofMother Ann Lee. The American communities they founded were based on ideals of pacifism, celibacy and gender equality. The texts included in this edition come from first-hand accounts of life in the Shaker communities during the nineteenth century.

ISBN10 : 9781351548809 , ISBN13 : 1351548808

Page Number : 540