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Sakura, an office worker at the top of his game working for a major company, has a complex over being an Omega. He hates that Alphas are always oppressing Omegas and has resolved to be Mate-free for life. One day, however, he loses his memory in a freak accident, and finds out that somehow he and his colleague - an Alpha named Narushige, whom he's always thought of as a rival - have become mated! At first, Sakura is adamantly against the arrangement, but by and by, Narushige's steadfast compassion, trust, and affection as his partner leave Sakura finding himself attracted to him...

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Mega Syur The Fury Of The Nine

Ton Ruys Viseu Fiction

After committing a crime, Omega, the god of the galaxy, is banished from the Milky Way's main planet and condemned to live among humans. What he didn't count on was that while he had to camouflage his presence among mortals, Eryon, the judge of the galaxy and his main enemy, was orchestrating a plan to expand his domains throughout the multiverse.

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Health Is Simple Disease Is Complicated

James Forleo, DC North Atlantic Books Health & Fitness

***WINNER, 2009 Living Now Book Award, Gold Metal In this breakthrough book, Dr. James Forleo proposes a return to the body as the site of self-healing. The problem, he says, is that we don’t understand the language of signs and symptoms it uses to communicate its healing messages. Health Is Simple helps readers decipher that language and access the great realms of health and vitality the body contains. Written in a clear, engaging style, the book takes a systems approach to health, walking readers through the basic design and function of each major organ system—the nerve, endocrine, immune, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and elimination systems—and offers a set of simple practices to boost their performance. With only a few minutes a day, readers can radically improve their health and well-being. Based on his work with hundreds of patients, the program emphasizes simple correctives to diet and lifestyle, a new perspective on digestion and elimination, and the alignment of the spine and structural system. Case studies demonstrate successfully resolved conditions from chronic headaches, anxiety, and respiratory disorders to exhaustion, autoimmune disorders, and allergies. Health Is Simple offers readers access to the same customized program the author’s celebrity clients have enjoyed, with the possibility of achieving the same spectacular results.

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Omega Born

Joseph Lance Tonlet Joseph Lance Tonlet Fiction

In a brutal world where everyone is born an Alpha, beta, or omega, is it possible to be one birth nature but still lead a full life while pretending to be another? Tobias Hanson is a cop, specifically a homicide detective. The cases he investigates? Murdered omegas. Except in Tobias’ world, an Alpha killing his omega is perfectly acceptable. After all, omegas are nothing more than easily replaced, purchased property. With his family long since gone, Tobias spends his days with dead omegas, and his nights in self-imposed solitary loneliness. Abundio Chale is an enigma. Like most alphas, he is highly educated, attractive, and possesses the same self-confidence all of his birth nature do. Yet, despite his schooling and his alpha privilege, he hops from job to job as if searching for something. And, like Tobias, he spends most evenings alone, longing for the one thing he doesn’t have. A chance meeting puts both men on a path neither saw coming. Lives will change, love will be found, and both men may get exactly what they want. But, like most things, there will be a price to pay. Will it be worth it? Tags: GAY, EROTICA, DEGRADATION, HUMILIATION, SPH, SEXUAL SLAVERY, BRUTAL, DUB-CON, NON-CON

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The Alpha S Fated Omega

Msheartlessly StarNovel (HK) Co., Limited Young Adult Fiction

"Going to pack your things already?" Sebastian stared straight at me. "I'm not one of the Omegas that are going with you," I said keeping my tone normal. "But you are an Omega, aren't you?" he raised his dark brown eyebrow. I opened my mouth to say something, but Alpha bated me to it. "Sebastian, you should pick someone a little more... Obedient." He looked at me as if I was a bug under his shoes. "Elizabeth always has had a problem with discipline," he continued. A moment later, my chin was caught by a callous thumb and finger, and my face was jerked up. Sebastian looked over my face and turned it to one side, then the other. As if observing whether or not the product he wanted to fulfill his demands. "An Omega who's not obedient to Lycan?" Sebastian said. "I wonder why no one has taught you otherwise yet." *** Every ten years, the Alpha King will host a competition to choose the Alpha Supreme, and the competition always has twenty competitors participate but only a quarter survive. When Elizabeth Grey is offered freedom in exchange for accompanying Alpha Sebastian Walt on the Hunt, she has no reason to refuse. After eight weeks of blood, mayhem, fruitless feeling, and dark secrets, a cursed Alpha with a made Omega are on the Hunt for a deadly game. Will things ever remain the same?

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Pregnant For His Alphas Omega S Gift 1

Anya Byrne Siren-BookStrand Fiction

Discount ends Tuesday, May 30th! Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, MMM, HEA] Alpha Maximus Blasio is happily married with his childhood friend and fellow Alpha, Bryant Fitzgerald. An unexpected will reading thrusts their peaceful life into chaos. Max must now have a blood heir from an Omega, or risk losing everything he’s ever worked for. Enter Adrian Cross. An orphan, male Omega, Adrian struggles with making ends meet in a society that considers him an anomaly. The offer of surrogacy is a solution to all of his problems—if only the idea of giving his baby away didn’t hurt so much. The link between them should have been clinical, if not non-existent. Soon, the three men realize that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sparks fly between them, making their bond as beautiful and powerful as the life growing inside Adrian. Adrian is pregnant for his Alphas, and he belongs to them. Max and Bry just have to make him see that, and to convince their Omega he deserves to be loved.

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Omega Society Auction

Eileen Glass Glass Fiction Fiction

When the alien alphas arrived on Earth, omega-compatible men weren't given a choice in mating with them. After a long and troubled war, Earth brought down the harem towers and exiled the alien lords to the moon where they rule from afar. Things have calmed down in recent history; the powerful alphas seek mates who will submit themselves voluntarily. But who would sell themselves into slavery? Who would want to become a breeder? ​​​​​​​Rourke's terminally ill mother needs a cure that's only accessible to the very rich. An omega auction can pay for it. (m/m sci fi romance, alien, alpha, omega, omegaverse, mpreg, male pregnancy, gay love)

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Omega Phoenix Provoked Her Shifter Harem S Babies 4

Layla Heart Easily Distracted Media Fiction

Cyra finally has all her mates back, but now they have to fight to make it through the rest of Cyra's pregnancy alive… After weeks of being in hiding with two of her Alpha mates, griffin Spence and centaur Liam, not knowing where her other two Alpha mates, hydra Zack and cerberus Max, are or if they’re even alive, the five mates are finally reunited. Though things haven't gotten much easier since then. From the moment Cyra agreed to attend the Night Gala with Max and Liam, and running into Zack and Spence at the party, everything seems to have gone wrong in her life. She’s been hounded by the paparazzi. Her parents have been spreading lies about her in the media, including that she supposedly has already been promised to another Alpha. Two of her mates have been kidnapped and sent to the other side of the world. And they’ve all been attacked, multiple times. Now, at ten weeks pregnant, Cyra is about to fight her toughest battle yet. Not against her parents, or the media, or society at large, but against the kidnapper of her mates. An Alpha phoenix who is convinced that Cyra, the first Omega phoenix in generations that the world knows about, belongs with her, and she’s already proven the lengths she’ll go through to get Cyra for herself. The whole world watches as Cyra fights for her life, for her mates and her family. As Cyra does everything in her power to make sure that they have a future, that their struggles from the last couple of months haven’t been for nothing. She shows the world that it's dangerous to underestimate an Omega, especially an angry Omega phoenix. She shows them that she won't stop until her family can finally live in peace, no matter what she has to do to get it. This is the fourth and final book in the Her Shifter Harem’s Babies series, a paranormal Omegaverse reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This book may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author).

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